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Voter: Barletta treats us like ‘dogs’

Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) faced a series of protesters during a stop on his city gymnasium debate on Monday, only a few months after he motionless to skip open giveaway meetings this summer in preference of paid events.

Barletta (R-Pa.) — one of several “pay-per-view” members of Congress who seemed during open events that charged an acknowledgment price this summer while skipping town-hall character meetings — done a stop during Hazelton City Hall for a open assembly and was met by a organisation of protesters, Hazelton’s Standard Speaker reported.

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772f8 get flash player Voter: Barletta treats us like dogs

The people had formerly demonstrated outward of his bureau in Sep for jobs, a paper wrote, and collected again on Monday during Barletta’s fifth stop on his “Home to House” city gymnasium tour.

“You’re not doing your job, Mr. Lou,” protester Jennie Schaefer said, according to a Standard Speaker. “Stop treating people like we’re a dogs watchful underneath a list for some scraps.”

At one indicate in a quarrelsome meeting, a military officer had to tell an particular to stop yelling from a pews, a Standard Speaker reported.

In August, Barletta told a Times Leader of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. that those protesting a mercantile conditions should not concentration their annoy on him.

“What other inaugurated officials are carrying city gymnasium meetings?” Barletta pronounced during a Aug recess. “How can we censure someone who has been in bureau for 8 months because no jobs are entrance here? we wish these protesters are seeking all inaugurated officials, generally those that have been in bureau for years, what they are doing to move jobs here.”

Barletta’s orator told POLITICO in Aug that nonetheless a congressman did not have any public, giveaway meetings scheduled during that time, he had not “ruled out” holding such events in a future.

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