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Voter: Barletta treats us like ‘dogs’

Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) faced a number of protesters at a stop on his town hall tour on Monday, just a few months after he decided to skip open free meetings this summer in favor of paid events.

Barletta (R-Pa.) — one of several “pay-per-view” members of Congress who appeared at public events that charged an admission fee this summer while skipping town-hall style meetings — made a stop at Hazelton City Hall for a public meeting and was met by a group of protesters, Hazelton’s Standard Speaker reported.

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The individuals had previously demonstrated outside of his office in September for jobs, the paper wrote, and gathered again on Monday at Barletta’s fifth stop on his “Home to House” town hall tour.

“You’re not doing your job, Mr. Lou,” protester Jennie Schaefer said, according to the Standard Speaker. “Stop treating people like we’re the dogs waiting under the table for some scraps.”

At one point in the contentious meeting, a police officer had to tell an individual to stop yelling from the pews, the Standard Speaker reported.

In August, Barletta told the Times Leader of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. that those protesting the economic situation should not focus their anger on him.

“What other elected officials are having town hall meetings?” Barletta said during the August recess. “How can you blame someone who has been in office for eight months why no jobs are coming here? I hope these protesters are asking all elected officials, especially those that have been in office for years, what they are doing to bring jobs here.”

Barletta’s spokesperson told POLITICO in August that although the congressman did not have any public, free meetings scheduled at that time, he had not “ruled out” holding such events in the future.

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