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REVOLUTION HARRY: Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: How …

I thought long and hard about writing this piece for several reasons. It should be remembered that the title of this post is in the form of a question. I may have grave suspicions but I do welcome other people’s opinions and perspectives on this.
What triggered those suspicions was an incident involving the British Constitution Group, in March of this year, at a court in the Wirral near Liverpool. A group of several hundred BCG supporters attempted a civil arrest of a county court judge as part of a process of enforcing the Common Law and exerting their rights under Magna Carta. Several day later some YouTube footage of the event appeared which I watched with interest.

It soon became clear that the person who seemed to be playing the central role in the event was a large gentlemen called Ray. Only a few weeks earlier a friend had been telling me about, what they described as, a dubious character involved with John Harris’ TPUC organisation, called Ray St. Clair. I somehow instantly suspected that the person in the Wirral videos was the same person. Further investigation not only proved this to be correct, it revealed some alarming information about this Ray St. Clair.

A Google search of the term ‘Ray St Clair conman’ brings up a bewildering number of claims about him. As well as claims of being a conman, amongst other things, he’s suspected of being involved in dubious multi-level marketing scams, operating fake religious (largely ‘Catholic’) websites and selling fake aristocratic titles. He even has his own section on This subject was bought up on the UK Column forum and Mike Robinson of the BCG agreed that they knew his real name wasn’t Ray St Clair and that it was a pseudonym he’d adopted when trying to sell fake Knights Templar titles. This seemed to confirm at least some of the above claims. It also appears he has had many different names and ‘titles’ over the years. It’s said that Ray St Clair’s real name is Gary Beaver though it’s hard to discern the absolute truth. The person that it is claimed is Gary Beaver certainly looks exactly like Ray St Clair.

You can read through all the available material and make your own mind up but it seems highly unlikely that there isn’t at least some veracity to all this. Taking that into account I found it hard to understand why the BCG would use such a questionable person in what was their first high profile ‘event’. If this was about establishing common law jurisdiction then surely the people involved in the enterprise should be of the highest moral character. In addition, if I could find out this information about Ray St Clair then so could the media. This would instantly undermine any good work done by the BCG.

The debate continued on the UK Column forum until several of us received messages asking us to stop discussing the issue and to take down our previous comments as it was an aid to our enemies, or words to that effect. I refused but told them that if they felt that strongly about it they could take the information down themselves. That was the last of my involvement with the BCG.

a7c89 Book cover REVOLUTION HARRY: Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: How ...Book title with obvious sun symbolism
This issue was also being discussed on John Harris’ website. What exactly is the nature of Ray St Clair’s involvement with John Harris and the TPUC is unclear, at least to me. Some say St Clair financed it and still owns it but I’ve no idea if that’s true or the extent of the influence of him over John Harris. What was clear was that John Harris, who was by now calling himself ‘Sion’, didn’t take kindly to his friend being discussed in such a way and he not only closed several threads he also banned several members. It seems John claims that his use of the word ‘Sion’ is because it’s the Welsh for John. It’s worth noting that he could have used either Ioan or Iwan and that in Welsh Siôn it is written with a circumflex above the letter o. Sion also happens to be a transliteration of the word Zion. It’s also claimed by some that ‘Sion’ means ‘sun’. 

This only added to the unease I already felt about John after listening to one of his lectures where he spoke about the need, or desirability, of removing national borders and how he’d like to demolish every single church. Removing national borders is a key globalist/New World Order aim as, it appears, is the destruction of Christianity. This uneasiness increased that bit more when John’s eagerly awaited book came out. It certainly wasn’t what many were expecting. It was entitled ‘The Prophecy of Sion’ and the main subject of the book was a character called Akhenaton, an obvious reference to the Egyptian pharaoh of the same name. Akhenaten had attempted to do away with the polytheism of Egypt by focussing on the worship of ‘Aten’, another word for the sun god Ra (we’ll come across Ra again later in this piece). I read as far as chapter 2 and gave up. This is worth mentioning only because of the close, symbiotic, relationship between John Harris and TPUC and Brian Gerrish and the BCG and it seems, Ray St Clair.

One more extremely odd thing I discovered in my research into Ray St Clair were the claims that he was posing as somebody called Tim Rifat on the American alternative radio show hosted by Jeff Rense. I remembered listening to a few of these interviews several years ago and then looking into this Tim Rifat character. He was said to be ‘Europe’s leading civilian expert on Remote Viewing and Psychic Warfare’ who was also a sort of geopolitical and military commentator. He turned out to be a ‘Psi-Lord’ from Brighton (Ray St Clair lives in and around the Brighton area) whose website(s) offered a bewildering choice of ‘technologies’ in the ‘field of Psi’. This included ‘Psycrystals’ for, amongst other things, anti-ageing and psychic protection, for $355, ‘soul rescue’ to ‘pull your soul out of archon h**l’ for $600, a ‘Psi-master service to ‘make your energy body free from attack by Archons’ for $600 and a correspondence course to teach you ‘remote viewing’ for $240. That’s just a small example from what is a truly bizarre website. Tim Rifat also claimed to be being pursued by pretty much all of the world’s secret service agencies because they were scared of his technology. This might be because, according to his website, ’17 Psi-Masters are the critical mass to free man from the Matrix [and] to use the Matrix as fuel for total freedom for man needs 34 Psi-Masters wedded in single purpose’. At the time I dismissed both Tim Rifat and his site as complete nonsense, yet here he was being linked with Ray St Clair. There is YouTube footage of Tim Rifat’s involvement in a TV discussion hosted by Jon Ronson (he’s the first person visible in the video). That person’s voice and the one on numerous videos talking to Jeff Rense are not one and the same. In fact the person tasking to Jeff Rense does sound as if it’s Ray St Clair. Strangely, this is addressed on the Tim Rifat website (towards the bottom of the page) where there is a message stating that:

“YouTube run identify theft of Tim Rifat’s Rense programmes calling himself Gary Beaver am (sic) apt name for some NSA sow bull d**e beaver running the site. It shows YouTube is a CIA/NSA front organisation. Tim Rifat is the name of the Rense speaker not Gary Beaver a NSA bull d**e operator at Fort Meade.”

Remember both the real Tim Rifat and the ‘Gary Beaver/Ray St Clair’ posing as him, live in the Brighton area. A fact that a simple internet search could have confirmed. Considering this it seems highly suspicious that Rifat should claim that Gary Beaver is American and works for the CIA or NSA. Is this just a bit of smoke and mirrors? Could it be that the various websites operated by ‘Tim Rifat’ are just one more money making scam operated by Ray St Clair? It certainly seems very possible when taking the voice evidence into account.

By now I was beginning to feel a bit unsure about the BCG. That uncertainty only increased when I watched a video that was announcing something called ‘Save Britain in Concert’. It was was made by Brian Gerrish of the BCG and UK Column and was in the form of an interview of sorts with someone called Alin Karna.

I’d actually seen the video elsewhere a few days earlier but saw it again when it was posted on the UK Column forum (since writing my notes for this article the UK Column forum has been down for ‘maintenance’ for several months and by all accounts seems to have disappeared) by somebody calling themselves ‘Rcoones’. From a Google search he appears to have lots of video accounts and as well as posting on the UK Column forum he’s also a registered member on David Icke’s forum.  On several of the accounts he’s listed as a 60 year old male from America. ‘Rcoones’ has had around 13 posts on the UK Column forum with three of them being about the same thing, that is the video we are discussing. There were also several relating to Anthony J. Hilder and one promoting the Love Police and Charlie Veitch. There was also one about a conference called ‘Conspiracy Con’ where our American friend says he and his wife are taking a stall to show videos of the Love Police and Brian Gerrish. This may well be all innocent stuff but I mention it anyway. It just seemed strange that an American be so keen to advertise ‘Save Britain in Concert’ and promote Britons such as Charlie Veitch and Brian Gerrish, perhaps even more so now that Charlie has been so thoroughly exposed as a shill.

One of his posts on the forum included an advert for a BCG meeting last year. On that post there were four links. One was to ‘Free World Film Works‘ which seems to be primarily a vehicle for the sale and promotion of books and DVD’s by Anthony J. Hilder. I know very little about him but I did notice two of his videos were done in conjunction with Jordan Maxwell and there was also a prominent link to Jesse Ventura (the mainstream media’s Mr Conspiracy). Hilder’s MySpace page has videos by Jordan Maxwell as well as one that seems to be a mainstream ‘conspiracy’ TV documentary revolving around interviews with Hilder and David Icke. Icke is also one of his MySpace ‘friends’. In a previous BCG conference in London Hilder was a guest speaker. Not long after that there was a video released of himself and Brian Gerrish in discussion, entitled ‘EU, Hitler’s Dream Come True’.

As we’ve already seen, Icke has been effectively exposed in the video ‘David Icke Debunked’ and elsewhere. He’s yet another who is in contact with ‘entities’ that he calls ‘the guys’. A good deal of Icke’s original information came from Jordan Maxwell, who was also responsible for ‘launching’ Icke in America. Maxwell himself is also in contact with ‘entities’, though in his case they are Pleiadians (aliens). He too has been effectively exposed with perhaps the most telling piece of evidence being the masonic handshake he was seen giving to Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin being the source for much of Icke’s information regarding the ‘reptilian bloodlines’.

The second link is to a site called ‘Our England UK‘ which is said to be ‘a cross Atlantic site dedicated to retrieving the sovereignty stolen from America and England’. There’s more Anthony J. Hilder stuff as well as an advert for ‘Conspiracy Con’ in Santa Clara, California. It’s worth taking a quick look at ‘Conspiracy Con’. It seems guest speakers this year include Leonard Horowitz, Anthony J. Hilder, Ted Gunderson, Sherry Kane and Stewart Swerdlow. There are a few of these characters that I know are suspected of being ‘cointelpro’ or something similar and I did notice that one of last years speakers was Michael Tsarion who is another that has been exposed effectively by quite a few people. Jordan Maxwell has spoken there several times as has Eric Phelps, the author of Vatican Assassins, in 2008 and 2002. The first Conspiracy Con in 2001 featured Jordan Maxwell and David Icke. This may all seem very circumspect but I did feel as if something of a pattern was emerging. It also seemed as if there might be a huge clue in the name, Conspiracy ‘Con’. We’ll look at this organisation and Eric Phelps in a bit more detail in another post.

a7c89 Ted Gunderson and Anthony Hilder 480x309 REVOLUTION HARRY: Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: How ...‘Former’ FBI operative Ted Gunderson and his ‘good
friend’ the ‘former’ CIA operative Anthony J Hilder
Ted Gunderson was a speaker at Conspiracy Con in 2010 and there’s also a video of him, on the ‘Our England UK’ site, promoting a ‘freedom tour’ of the UK and Europe. It features himself and Anthony J. Hilder speaking about sovereignty issues. Gunderson is said to be the former head of the Los Angeles and Memphis FBI who is now a ‘whistle blower’ against government crime and corruption. Now this sounds more than a little suspicious and unsurprisingly there are claims that Gunderson is ‘cointelpro’. Time and again so called ‘retired’ secret service agents are anything but. According to Barbara Hartwell he admitted he *used to be* cointelpro when he was with the FBI in an interview on Alex Jones’ show. Jones himself is very likely himself to be ‘cointelpro‘, indeed there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that this is the case. It seems he’s a regular guest on Jones’ show which, again, raises many questions for me. I find it impossible to believe that the FBI would let one of their agents become such a high profile whistle blower revealing many valuable secrets. Just for balance there are some who claim that Hartwell herself still works for the CIA and her attacks on Gunderson are a smear. It’s likely that they’re both still agents just creating a bit of smoke and extra cover for Gunderson.

Hartwell also makes claims of being ‘cointelpro’ against Gunderson’s ‘good friend’ Anthony Hilder, as does Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s research partner Sherri Kane. It seems he’s also ‘retired’ from the CIA. In a response to these claims Hilder made a video entitled, ‘Concerning the Attacks Upon my Friends Ted Gunderson, Alex Jones and myself by Dr. Len Horowitz’s Lady, Sherri Kane’. This direct association with Alex Jones, considering his widespread exposure, merely makes me even more convinced that Hilder isn’t all that he seems. He then gives ‘a glowing report about Ted Gunderson’s FBI  credentials, and states that Ted is an old friend who has ‘joined with me in many ventures”. It should be noted that Horowitz and Kane themselves are also alleged to be controlled opposition. Indeed Horowitz has admitted to being made a Knight of Malta. This itself caused a great deal of accusations and counter-accusations that connects with the Eric Phelps post I plan to do next.

Of course all the above proves nothing definitive but it did add to my growing suspicions. This was particularly true regarding Anthony Hilder who the BCG had bought over from America to speak at their London conference and who then went on to make a video with Brian Gerrish.

a7c89 epCd REVOLUTION HARRY: Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: How ...
The first thing I did when the video finished was to see what I could find out about Alin Karna. It turns out he’s a muscian who has a website called English Riviera Productions (complete with the standard sun symbol in the header) and his first ‘project’ is called ‘ExtraterrestrialUK‘. The logo for this ‘project’ is an alien with a symbol in the ‘third eye’ position. On closer inspection this symbol is a heart shape containing a Christian cross, the Islamic moon and star and the Hindu ‘om’ symbol. Overlooking them all is a sun symbol. It’s not clear what this is meant to represent but considering the prevalence of sun symbolism used by the occult ruling ‘elite’, along with the subtle reference to Ra, the Egyptian sun god, it’s a little disconcerting. The title ‘ExtraterrestrialUK’ is written in such a way as to highlight the letters ‘ET UK’ in one colour and the words ‘RA’ in another.

In the video he mentions a track he’s written and recorded under this moniker called ‘Lizards in the Bathtub’. A fairly obvious reference to David Icke’s claim that the ruling elite are shape shifting lizards/reptiles. Also on the site is a link to an internet radio interview with a David Wilcock where the interviewer tells him that the person behind the ‘lizards’ track ‘loves your work and knows Bill and Kerry [from Project Camelot/Avalon]’. Bill and Kerry of Project Camelot appear to feature heavily with many of those exposed as shills, particularly Icke and Maxwell. Project Camelot seems to be one of the vehicles for these ‘researchers’ to get their ‘information’ out to the masses. David Wilcock is another who is regularly featured on Project Camelot, where he talks about things including issues surrounding the coming ‘2012 consciousness shift’, colonies on Mars and the fact that he’s the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. He’s a very popular figure in the New Age and 2012 movements. Chris White, in his film ‘The 2012 Deception‘ describes Wilcock as:

“… one of the earliest proponents and popularisers of 2012 theories [who] also received his information from channeled sources, in his case it was the Egyptian god Ra”.

That perhaps explains the ‘Ra’ reference hidden in Alin Karna’s ‘ExtraterrestrialUK’ logo (remember also the indirect reference in John Harris’ book). It turns out that Alin Karna is listed as a member of the ‘Avalon Round Table’, which is an offshoot of Project Camelot. In the context of the suspicions of it being controlled it’s worth noting that the original Project Camelot was a US army ‘social science research’ operation in the 1960’s. I also couldn’t help remembering a video that appeared on the internet purporting to show David Icke and Bill and Kerry from Project Camelot exchanging masonic handshakes. Icke supporters all quickly pointed out that this was due to him having arthritis in his hand. That seemed like a plausible answer and yet the video didn’t clearly show how Icke gripped Bill and Kerry’s hands but it did show them purposefully touching Icke’s second knuckle with their thumb. This is a recognised masonic handshake and it was an action that wouldn’t be affected by Icke’s arthritis.

a7c89 muse the resistance album 460 100 460 70 REVOLUTION HARRY: Pied Pipers Of The Truth Movement: How ...Album artwork by La Boca
During the ‘interview’ Brian says that there’s been a meeting where they have been discussing ideas for something called ‘Save Britain in Concert’. It seems the idea is to mix the anti-NWO message with music and to try and get into major concerts and music festivals so as to educate young people. Then there’s another odd bit about keeping the language simple, not confusing people and only talking about ‘the control system’. On second viewing it seemed a little contrived and pre-prepared, no more so than when they’re discussing bands that are already doing this sort of thing and Muse gets a mention. Considering the large amount of masonic and occult symbolism that surrounds this band, this was yet another thing that gave me cause for concern. Alin couldn’t remember the name of the track and is later reminded by Brian which also seemed a bit odd. The track is called ‘Uprising‘, from their album entitled ‘The Resistance’ and a cynic would say that it is a transparent attempt to try and instigate a revolution of sorts against the ‘NWO’. Exactly the sort of thing I’m beginning to suspect that the BCG, UK Column and others have been tasked to help bring about. The artwork for the album contains a symbolic representation of the pyramid and capstone that can also be seen on the reverse of the American dollar bill. It was created by a company called La Boca that appears to have a history of occult symbolism in their work.

I suppose I should point out that I’m very well aware that the name of this blog appears to be also inciting revolution. All I can say is that seemed likely to be the inevitable outcome when I first started looking into ‘New World Order’ stuff, though it was mostly influenced by the name of a club night I used to do when I was a promoter, many years ago. Anyway, I now know better, both about the ‘New World Order’ and revolutions in general. They are rarely what they seem and are either instigated by or later usurped by the very powers the ‘revolution’ is supposed to be against. It seems as if the ‘Occupy’ movement is a case in point. I live in hope that They can be bought down but merely ‘rising up’ or creating a revolution without a clear set of aims seems to be fraught with danger and doomed to failure.

In the video, Brian gives us, what seems to me to be, the ridiculous idea that the NWO’s back is against the wall and that all it will take is a ‘final push’ and ‘we can get the job done’. He then goes on to associate this with parliament and our present system of government which fits the theory that the NWO is being intentionally associated with the Western system. This is what it seems they wish us to destroy and out of the resulting chaos, the phoenix rising from the flames, will be the false utopia that was the real NWO all along. We are then told that ‘people are coming together’ and doing joint shows and radio interviews. The examples given are Ian Crane, who we looked at in the previous post and Alex Jones. As stated earlier, Jones has long since been exposed by many on the internet as ‘controlled opposition’ so, for me, any mention of him is just one more red flag. Brian also says words to the effect that he’s aware that we (as in the various ‘truthers’ coming together) won’t agree 100% but we’re all seeing the same picture and if we can agree on 90 to 95% then it will be really powerful. To me this is Brian saying he’s happy to align himself with Jones, Crane or anyone else as long as they are ‘against the NWO’ and regardless of their ‘solutions’. Is this Brian being naive or something else? Remember Crane’s ‘solution’ is similar to that of David Icke’s. Essentially we have to unite because we’re ‘one consciousness’ and that this will become apparent as there is a ‘consciousness shift’ about to happen, probably in 2012. In essence the false ‘new age’ utopia that They have been manipulating us into all along.

In the Club of Rome’s book, ‘The First Global Revolution’ they speak of ‘searching for a new enemy to unite us’. The enemy they decided upon was ‘the threat of global warming’. Previously the spectre of Communism was used as the ‘enemy’. It seems to me that They are playing this well worn trick yet again. This time the enemy being used to unite us is the evil New World Order. That’s why Brian and others are claiming that all it will take is a final push and the NWO is finished. The ‘evil’ New World Order is largely a construct (of part truth and part deception) created by the innumerable ‘anti-NWO truth leaders’ such as Icke, Jones, Crane, Hilder, Maxwell, Gunderson and others. It’s this construct that will be used to create the false unity that will lead to it being ‘defeated’ and eventually replaced by the real New World Order or New Age that was planned long ago. I’ll try and elaborate on this in another post.

One final thing that added to my suspicions. The subject of David Icke came up on the UK Column forum many times. On every occasion a significant number of posters would point out the numerous shortcomings of Icke and evidence of his role in the agenda, including linking to the David Icke Debunked film. There was always a blanket refusal to countenance any of it. No surprise then that in a recent email from the BCG entitled, ‘The Great British Lawful Rebellion Has Begun’ (more incitement to ‘rise up’ and ‘rebel’) there is a list of several links at the end of the message, one of whom is David Icke. Apart from any considerations of Icke being ‘controlled opposition’ he’s a controversial figure with his claims that the ruling elite are ‘shape shifting reptiles’. It seems odd that the BCG would want to associate themselves with him in any way. Other links were to the TPUC and Sovereign Independent, an Irish newspaper in a similar vein to the UK Column, that exposes the New World Order. There have been suggestions that the Sovereign Independent has been bought by or is heavily funded by Ian R Crane. I can’t confirm this but a look on their ‘shop’ page reveals that the only other thing they sell, apart from back copies of the paper, is various Ian R Crane merchandise.

Thinking back to the Ian R Crane article and the first Truth Juice lecture that Brain gave I remembered that although he didn’t seem to sit in on the lecture Charlie Veitch was there on the night. In the Charlie Veitch piece I quoted Lenin as saying, “The best way to control the opposition is to control it ourselves”. Is that what we are looking at here? Is there an interconnecting network of ‘controlled opposition’ on both sides of the Atlantic? It seems the ‘exposing’ of the New World Order is part of the plan. Researcher Alan Watt speaks of how they ‘give us our leaders’ for us to follow. There’s certainly enough to suggest that this is a distinct possibility but I’ll leave it to you to make your own mind up.

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