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Without A College Football Playoff Several Undefeated Schools Miss Out On A Championship

4f978 landry jones oklahoma sooners Without A College Football Playoff Several Undefeated Schools Miss Out On A ChampionshipImage: YouTube

Through 10 weeks of a college football season, . But that also means honourable teams will be on a outward looking in.


LSU and Alabama, a tip dual teams in a BCS, will accommodate this weekend. And a leader of that diversion will be in a BCS pretension diversion where they will expected face Oklahoma State. Of course, this assumes that a LSU-Alabama leader goes on to win a SEC pretension diversion and that Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma.


Barring any vital upsets, we could see 3 undefeated teams in a BCS rankings that will be left out of a championship game. Stanford and Boise State would be a biggest losers if they run a list though finish ranked behind a SEC champ and Oklahoma State. Houston would also be undefeated and could be in a tip 10 by a finish of a deteriorate (currently #13).

And what about a crook of a LSU-Alabama game? If those are dual best teams in a nation right now, is a crook of this Saturday’s showdown any reduction honourable of a pretension shot than Oklahoma State or Stanford? And if Oklahoma defeats Oklahoma State in convincing fashion, a Sooners could make a box that they are a some-more dangerous group than possibly Stanford or Boise State.

As a deteriorate winds down, a chances of disharmony are growing. And with disharmony comes upheaval. Ultimately, this could be a deteriorate that finally army a powers-that-be to adopt a playoff system.

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