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Victory at last

It might be a relatively small victory, but President Obama had reason to set aside the “do-nothing Congress” mantra for a brief moment this afternoon.

The Senate approved two components of his jobs package on Thursday, voting 94-1 to pass a tax credit for firms that hire unemployed or disabled veterans and supporting a House-passed measure repealing a rule that withholds a small portion of payments to contractors.

Obama has repeatedly bashed Republicans – senators in particular – over the past few weeks for holding up his jobs bill. But he gave legislators credit Thursday for agreeing on something.

“Today, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate did the right thing and passed tax credits that will encourage businesses to hire America’s veterans,” Obama said in a statement.

Of course, the White House isn’t satisfied just yet. The Republican-led House still needs to approve the tax credits before Obama can sign the measure, and the president still made his push for more progress on the rest of the jobs bill.

He said: “No veteran who fought for our nation should have to fight for a job when they come home, and I urge the House to pass these tax credits as well so I can sign them into law. I also urge Congress to pass additional jobs proposals in the weeks ahead to help the millions of other Americans who are still looking for work.”

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