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A first attempt to recover the right of self-government may fail, so may a second, a third, etc.  But as a younger and more instructed race comes on, the sentiment becomes more and more intuitive, and a fourth, a fifth, or some subsequent one of the ever renewed attempts will ultimately succeed… To attain all this, however, rivers of blood must yet flow, and years of desolation pass over; yet the object is worth rivers of blood and years of desolation.  For what inheritance so valuable can man leave to his posterity?”
— Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826) to John Adams
 1823. ME 15:465

WATCH: SNL Does Its Best To Cover The Penn State Scandal

Saturday Night Live’s challenge last week was to find a way to make fun of the Penn State s*x scandal without appearing insensitive towards the victims.

Enter Satan, who thinks the university, the coaches, and the students went too far, and add . Problem solved.

Watch the video (via .com)…

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