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Poll: 100% Of Grandsons Talented

ATLANTA—A Zogby check of 1,542 American grandparents published Monday found that grandsons were described as “very” to “extremely” gifted by 1,542 of a respondents. “Participants in a check were fatiguing in their descriptions of a talents of grandsons in fields as different as promotion and sales, choral performance, baseball, talking, crawling, creation their beds, video games, and instructing their elders on correct cell-phone use,” pollster Tom Waterton said. “In addition, an strenuous commission of grandchildren were described as outgoing, sharp, and looking only like Uncle Andy, we remember Uncle Andy, he was always adult to something, too bad he upheld so young, he would have desired a grandchild in question.” Sources during Zogby certified that a consult was incomplete, as several hundred pollsters are still incompetent to get their reserved grandparents off a phone.

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