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Club 33: Disney’s Bohemian Grove

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Shepard Ambellas
November 12, 2011

The strange judgment of such a VIP club on Disney drift that would offer alcoholic beverages and support to a chosen with an opening price of an startling $7500 was spawned during a 1964 – 65 World Fair in New York.

Walt Disney sent a group to director and accumulate information on what people would be meddlesome in in terms of a thesis park judgment on a easterly coast, during a slight a group ran opposite VIP bedrooms giving Walt a thought for what is now famous as Club 33.

Club 33 has a cryptic to it and over a 10 year prolonged watchful list for rich clients to attend.

The Club creatively had a sum of 33 corporate sponsors during Disneyland in 1966-1967 during a time of conception. The following are a strange sponsors according to Wikipedia:

3.Bank of America
4.Bell Telephone
5.C H Sugar
6.Frito Lay
7.General Electric
8.Global Van Lines
11.Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.
12.Douglas Aircraft
14.Hills Bros. Coffee INC.
16.Lincoln Savings and Loan
17.Monsanto CO
20.Ken-L Ration
21.Aunt Jemimas
22.Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
23.Spice Islands
24.Chicken of a Sea
26.Sunsweet Growers INC
27.Swift CO
29.United Air Lines
30.The Upjohn CO
31.The Welch’s Grape Juice Company INC
33.Western Printing and Litho CO

The club is surrounded by masonic change and symbolism. The unaccepted Disney Club 33 website reads like something out of a Bohemian Grove ritual;

Quite often, your initial experience during Club 33 can be, well, a bit overwhelming. A myth, a phenomenon, a wheeze from guest flitting by a unknown door, a club is surrounded by mystique.

Speaking from experience, my initial visit to a club was a tiny stressful. When to uncover up, scold attire, what to contend when going by a door, scold etiquette, an unconstrained list of worries. we was really responsible of annoying a member who sealed us in. Needless to say, in a matter of mins a worries upheld and a smashing time was during hand.

I have been asked by several soon-to-visit guests, a same questions that we also forever pondered. To assist, here are my ubiquitous impressions and answers. Please understand, these are formed on my possess experiences.

When to arrive during a park:

Arrive during a park during slightest one hour progressing than your reservation time. An hour should concede adequate time to park your vehicle, float a tram, visit Guest Relations, enter a park, and thusly travel to a club. Unless we have an annual pass, we will be compulsory to compensate for parking. Actual club members do not.

Where to go first:

If we do not have annual passes to a park, a initial place to visit after parking is Guest Relations. Guest Relations is located East of a opening to California Adventure, behind a petrify wall, nearby a lockers. Tell a expel member we have reservations during Club 33, your name, and series in your party. They will have a list of club visitors for that sold day. After checking your ID, a expel member will palm we your guest passes to enter both parks.

Time to arrive during a club:

The club prefers that guest arrive (at club 33) a time of their reservations. Frequently a club is bustling and if they are clearing tables or creation special arrangements, they might ask that guest wait outward or in a corridor until their list is prepared. The club does not like to keep their guest waiting, so this ask is positively understandable.

If we do arrive early, a club requests no earlier than 5 minutes.

Allow yourself and your guest adequate time to travel by a bustling park. Major holidays might experience complicated feet traffic.

How to get inside:

Located in a pathway of a club is a famous coronet orator box. Simply lift a tiny pathway next a orator and pull a button.
Your horde or stewardess will ask your parties name. Answer with your scold name and series of guests. You will hear a tiny click, during that indicate we might enter by a door.
If your reservations are during a initial opening time of a club (11:OOAM for lunch, 5:00PM for dinner), and you’re early, there will be no answer when we pull a orator button. Please do not worry. When a club is ready, they will answer a door. They routinely do not open early, preferring a slight schedule. A tiny line customarily forms during a door, so watchful patiently pays off as guest are seated in sequence of check in. Please concede a staff time to make a preparations and slight a check ins.

Once inside:

You’re now inside Club 33. The host/hostess will hail we and ask if they can take your shawl and coat. Once situated, a horde will call upstairs around a special phone and surprise a maitre’ d your celebration is present. There is routinely a tiny wait time of maybe 3 to 5 mins while preparations are finalized upstairs. Please be patient.

Stairs or lift:

Once preparations are complete, we will be sensitive that your list is ready. The horde will ask if we would caring to take a stairs or a French Lift. Most guest take a French Lift, it’s really nostalgic.

Lounge Alley:

Upon attainment on a second floor, we will accommodate a Disneyland Club 33 maitre’ d. You will now be escorted to your table. Your waiter/waitress is introduced and your dish begins.

The Club located at; 33 Royal Street New Orleans Square Disneyland has a creepy overtone to it and many masonic references.

A second Club 33 is now open on Tokyo Japan.

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