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System Failure on a Global Scale

November 26, 2011 | Filed Under Alan Caruba, Budget, Business, Capitalism, Crime, Foreign Countries, Taxes | No Comments

-By Alan Caruba

We are vital in times when a structures involving a tellurian financial system, inhabitant security, and self-governance are underneath attack, decaying, or only self-destructing due to all a ills to that amiability is prone.

Wars in a twentieth century were always an instance of possibly a disaster of nations to solve their differences or of a ancient tellurian desire to take whatever they can from their neighbor. Wars classify this into armies for that purpose. The other means for fight is a prerequisite to absolved a area of a crazy male who’s hoarding weapons and building bombs.

What is occurring of late, however, goes over a common casus belli to something distant greater, a detriment of faith in inhabitant and ubiquitous banking systems, aggravated by a disaster of nations to act in a advantageous conform to strengthen a resources of their adults and their inhabitant sovereignty.

The means of this is socialism, a respectful name for communism. Like Islam, it exists for universe domination, a control of a race for a improvement of those holding a reins of power. It is no collision that a U.S. Congress is filled with millionaires or those who shortly will be.

Communism, a origination of a male who never reason a pursuit in his life, Karl Marx, and a theoretically gentler version, Socialism, has valid to be a disaster wherever it was implemented. It is always introduced as a cabin to utopia, a improved life for everybody and it has always led to a massacre of millions in a name of achieving it. It is only another form of slavery.

Socialism, as used via a United States and Europe, contingent as it is on a “redistribution of wealth” in a form of “entitlement” programs is now crashing down around a heads of several inaugurated leaders.

As a former British Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher, once famously said, “Sooner or after we run out of other people’s money.”

When we raise on debt over a mind’s ability to suppose and we commission “super committees” or reason unfortunate meetings as are occurring in Europe, open faith in inhabitant currencies starts to disappear and with it a receptive universe in that products and services beget income.

We are now 66 years given a finish of World War Two, a fight that followed “the fight to finish all wars”, World War One. Peace—the deficiency of war—lasted a meagre twenty-one years in Europe before a latter calamity began in 1939.

Times of misunderstanding are a ideal event for tyrants of each outline to emerge, classify a common anger, and launch new wars. In a past 66 years of “peace” there has been a period of wars, customarily between Communist and Capitalist nations such as a Korean and Vietnam Wars or polite wars. The new wars and revolutions in a Middle East have been about oil and who gets to siphon it out of a ground.

Threatening a whole universe is a arise of a Islamic Revolution. Islam is reduction a sacrament than a conflict devise for tellurian defeat that has a combined fillip of enslaving a adherents in a faith complement that final sum tractability on pain of death. Unbelievers in ubiquitous face this threat. Israel in sole always has.

Capitalism isn’t a ideal system, theme to periodic cycles of retrogression and depression, though it does need a larger magnitude of particular leisure than any other in sequence to inspire a kind of creation and risk-taking that creates immeasurable wealth-producing economies.

The problem a West is confronting has been brought on by a wicked and mostly hurtful rubbish of a people’s wealth. This has been a outcome of metastasizing laws whose ultimate purpose is to keep populations from perfectionist some-more leisure from covetous taxing, borrowing, and spending. Even executive banks are unable opposite this. Ours, a Federal Reserve, has responded by copy dollars out of skinny air.

On Nov 18th a due inherent amendment that would need Congress to change a bill unsuccessful in a House. The U.S. is now $15 trillion in debt. The misfortune fears of a Founding Fathers are entrance true. Presiding over a republic is a Marxist ideologue and his henchmen.

When a Congress of a United States of America refuses to conform a boundary of a Constitution, we have failure.

When that same Congress refuses to remodel “entitlement” programs and revoke large spending, we have failure.

When a Federal Reserve—a executive bank that is not a partial of a sovereign government— owns many of a nation’s debt, we have failure.

In my lifetime, a United States of America went from a mostly Capitalist complement and multitude to one of nearby sum supervision control. It is Socialism upheld by an violent complement of taxation lacking even a coming of fairness.

The United States has changed too distant divided from a purpose of a Constitution, determined to “form a some-more ideal union, settle justice, protection domestic tranquility, yield for a common defense, foster a ubiquitous welfare, and secure a blessings of autocracy to ourselves and a posterity…”

We are that posterity,

In a decades given a final Great Depression a period of Congresses has bankrupted a republic once again. It is function as good in Europe since nations like Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and France suspicion they too could challenge common clarity and mercantile prudence.

It is complement disaster on a tellurian scale.

Americans and a adults of Europe are a reluctant victims of too most government, too most regulation, too most corruption, too most taxation, and a ubiquitous desire of those in assign to acquire as most resources for themselves while gripping a rest of a race restored with “redistribution of wealth” schemes that always fail.

The Tea Party transformation is pursuit for a replacement of America. We have changed small time to do that and it is a Democratic Party in joining with unions who conflict that goal.
Alan Caruba writes a daily post during An author, business and scholarship writer, he is a owner of The National Anxiety Center.

© Alan Caruba, 2011

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