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President Obama’s Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Rutte of a Netherlands

Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Rutte of a Netherlands Before Bilateral Meeting

Oval Office

2:33 P.M. EST

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Hello, everybody.  It is smashing to acquire Prime Minister Rutte and his commission to a White House. 

Part of a reason we wanted to make this assembly occur is since we have no stronger fan than a Netherlands.  They consistently punch above their weight on a whole operation of issues associated to tellurian security.  Prime Minister Rutte has been a clever believer of NATO, as was his predecessor, and we’ve been means to work together on a whole horde of issues.  They’ve done an outrageous grant to Afghanistan; they done a really critical grant to Libya; on anti-piracy.  On a whole horde of issues, a Netherlands consistently is understanding of efforts for a corner security, and we’re really beholden for that.

In addition, notwithstanding a fact that a Netherlands doesn’t have a outrageous population, they are one of a many critical trade partners.  The mercantile attribute between a dual countries is deep; it is broad.  We are one of a largest investors in a Netherlands.  The Netherlands, in turn, is one of a largest investors in a United States.  And so, given both of a interests in compelling commerce, expansion and jobs, it is really critical that we coordinate with a Netherlands.

On that score, obviously, we’re both endangered about a conditions in a eurozone, in that a Netherlands has a really poignant voice.  And I’m going to be meddlesome in conference from Mark his views in terms of how this emanate gets resolved.  Because, as we pronounced yesterday during my assembly with Presidents Van Rompuy and Barroso, we have a really low seductiveness here in a United States in creation certain that that routine is resolved, so that we can continue to grow a economy and put people behind to work here during home.

In addition, we’re going to be articulate about a far-reaching operation of tellurian issues, from a Middle East to a conditions in Iran, where we both share a low joining to creation certain that Iran abides by a general obligations, including in a chief area. 

On that score, we consider it’s critical for me to usually note that all of us, we think, are deeply uneasy by a crashing of a English embassy — a embassy of a United Kingdom in Iran.  That kind of function is not acceptable.  And we strongly titillate a Iranian supervision to reason those who are obliged to task.  They have a shortcoming to strengthen tactful outposts.  That is a simple general requirement that all countries need to observe.  And for rioters, essentially, to be means to overshoot a embassy and set it on glow is an denote that a Iranian supervision is not holding a general obligations seriously. 

And so, obviously, we’re deeply endangered about that conditions and we design to see some arrange of decisive movement someday really quickly.

Overall, though, I’m gratified to contend that a attribute between a dual countries is intensely strong, as reflected not usually in a attribute between a governments though also a people-to-people contacts.  And I’m anticipating that we have an event during some indicate during my presidency to revisit a Netherlands, since –

PRIME MINISTER RUTTE:  Yes, yes.  (Laughter.)

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  — since all reports are that it is beautiful, and a people are wonderful, and we demeanour brazen to enjoying some Dutch liberality someday soon.

So, Mr. Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER RUTTE:  Yes.  Well, appreciate we so much.  I’m blissful to be here and to accommodate once again with you, Barack Obama.  And we wish really most to acquire we to a Netherlands.  That would be a good respect and a good opportunity.

The attribute between a countries is really strong.  It goes behind a prolonged time.  And we came to a United States fundamentally to plead 3 issues:  jobs, jobs, and jobs.

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Those are good issues to discuss.

PRIME MINISTER RUTTE:  These are a categorical issues during a moment. 

And, initial of all, of course, a glorious mercantile ties  — shared mercantile ties:  625,000 Americans are during work currently since of a approach investment in a U.S. and, of course, a trade relationship.  And a sum investment of a U.S. in a Netherlands is some-more than a U.S. investment in Brazil, Russia, India and China combined.  And we trust we can work really tough to have this pursuit engine grow even some-more powerful.

Secondly, we’ll discuss, no doubt, a eurozone.  It’s a goal of my supervision to keep a eurozone intact, to keep a euro intact, to quarrel a debt crisis, and during a same time, get expansion and pursuit expansion going again in a European Union, that is critical for a possess — for a future. 

And thirdly, we will discuss, we have no doubt, a arriving NATO Summit, in your hometown, in Chicago –

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  It will be a smashing visit.

PRIME MINISTER RUTTE:  — subsequent year, and a transatlantic fondness and a stability, and, of course, a conditions in a Arab region, where we lift on a same side, where we are operative on swell and democracy in a Arab segment and in a Middle East.


Thank we really much, everybody.

2:39 P.M. EST

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