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Bachmann: There’s No Scenario In Which we Would Vote For A Tax On Millionaires

ddd32 bachmann0926 Bachmann: There’s No Scenario In Which I Would Vote For A Tax On MillionairesAppearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) pronounced she would never opinion to lift taxes on millionaires underneath any circumstance, even if a taxation exempted tiny businesses (as a GOP always secretly characterizes millionaires as being overwhelmingly tiny business owners):

HOST: Is there any unfolding in that we would for a taxation on millionaires if it keeps businesses, tiny businesses, out of a loop?

BACHMANN: No. we would not. Because if we demeanour historically during a data, it has led to reduction pursuit origination than more. And it gathering people out of a slake of New Jersey.

Watch it:

It’s misleading what taxation information Bachmann — a former sovereign taxation profession — is referring to, as chronological trends uncover a opposite. As Center for American Progress Director of Tax and Budget Policy Michael Linden found, “in a past 60 years, job expansion has indeed been larger in years when a tip income taxation rate was most higher than it is now.” In fact, “if we ranked any year given 1950 by altogether job growth, a tip 5 years would all exaggerate extrinsic taxation rates at 70 percent or higher.”

Bachmann’s explain about New Jersey is also not innate out by a facts. A vital investigate on a outcome of a millionaires surtax found that New Jersey’s millionaire race indeed grew while a taxation was in place, even by a recession. The tax’s impact on millionaires withdrawal a state was “close to zero,” a investigate concluded. Meanwhile, a tax is overwhelmingly popular; a Quinnipiac University check expelled final month found that 64 percent of New Jersey residents wish to revitalise a tax, that Gov. Chris Christie (R) killed, while usually 28 percent against reinstating it too.

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