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New people, new hope, eternal love
I love it when I meet someone and there is that almost instant connection. Now I am not just talking about men, although that is a fun thing. I am talking about friendship; men, women, kids, older people, dogs, cats, horses
This is from an old blog of mine from 2007 that talks about what friendship means to me:

The Webster’s definition of Friend is: “One who is attached to another by affection or who entertains for another sentiments of esteem and respect, which lead him to desire his company and to seek to promote his happiness and prosperity.” I love that! I truly treasure my friends, without them my life would be dreadfully colorless and flat. My friends spark me to grow, to think of things in new and different ways and most importantly, they call me on my s**t. So for me, I have to add another dimension to the definition of friend, a person who I am accountable to and who is accountable to me. I don’t make friends very easily, it takes time, conversation and just hanging out to find out if a relationship is going to develop. Sometimes yes, most times no.
When someone develops into a friend, they reside inside my heart and are with me always regardless of how long apart. Quite simply, I love them.
I see so many people who don’t really get that, they call casual acquaintance ‘friendship’ and have no idea what a friend really is. It saddens me and makes me see how deeply blessed my life truly is to have the friends I have.
I love you guys, and you know who you are.

And every single word of that is true to this day. Thank you to all my friends, I cherish and adore you with my whole heart. Without you I would be lost indeed.


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