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I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.”
— Sir Winston Churchill (1874–1965)


New people, new hope, almighty venerate
I venerate it when we accommodate someone and there is that roughly present connection. Now we am not only articulate about men, nonetheless that is a fun thing. we am articulate about friendship; men, women, kids, comparison people, dogs, cats, horses
This is from an aged blog of mine from 2007 that talks about what loyalty means to me:

The Webster’s clarification of Friend is: “One who is trustworthy to another by venerate or who entertains for another sentiments of venerate and respect, that lead him to enterprise his association and to find to foster his complacency and prosperity.” we venerate that! we truly value my friends, but them my life would be dreadfully drab and flat. My friends hint me to grow, to consider of things in new and opposite ways and many importantly, they call me on my s**t. So for me, we have to supplement another dimension to a clarification of friend, a chairman who we am accountable to and who is accountable to me. we don’t make friends unequivocally easily, it takes time, review and only unresolved out to find out if a attribute is going to develop. Sometimes yes, many times no.
When someone develops into a friend, they reside inside my heart and are with me always regardless of how prolonged apart. Quite simply, we venerate them.
I see so many people who don’t unequivocally get that, they call infrequent familiarity ‘friendship’ and have no thought what a crony unequivocally is. It saddens me and creates me see how deeply sanctified my life truly is to have a friends we have.
I venerate we guys, and we know who we are.

And each singular word of that is loyal to this day. Thank we to all my friends, we delight and venerate we with my whole heart. Without we we would be mislaid indeed.


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