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Mind you, the Elizabethans had so many words for the female genitals that it is quite hard to speak a sentence of modern English without inadvertently mentioning at least three of them.”
— Terry Pratchett

‘Spitter’ Released, Banned from Beit Shemesh

The Jerusalem Magistrates Court ordered, Sunday afternoon, that 27-year-old Meir David Eisenbach of Beit Shemesh – who was held on video, spitting when a lady upheld on Channel 2 television’s “Friday Studio” – be expelled on bond tentative his hearing on guess of spitting on a woman. The justice also systematic that Eisenbach be criminialized from Beit Shemesh for 7 days, after his brother-in-law took shortcoming for him.

Eisenbach’s profession told Arutz Sheva that his client spit when they stranded a camera in his face. The profession added, “My client opposes all assault toward people, and really toward women.”

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