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Corner Office Q&A: Kellee Khalil, CEO And Founder Of

Corner Office QA: Kellee Khalil, CEO And Founder Of
12:00 pm, Dec 26th | by Amy Tennery

kellee 300x227 Corner Office Q&A: Kellee Khalil, CEO And Founder Of Lover.lyWhile we spend a lot of time essay about absolute women, we also like to hear from those women, in their possess words. Today we spoke with Kellee Khalil, a owner and CEO of, a new media and record height for a spousal industry.

Put simply, what accurately do we do and how’d we finish adult there?

I founded a association called We are a visible hunt engine for marriage planning. Prior to initial we worked with my sister, Leila Lewis, who ran a premier PR and Digital Media Consultancy organisation in a Bridal industry. While operative with my sister, she was got intent and we served as lassie of honor. It was during that we saw a outrageous eventuality to emanate a record that solved a unpleasant routine of searching, saving, and pity marriage inspiration. B

Before noon, you’ve already…

Had a coffee, daily group meeting, checked 50+ emails, tweeted, and maybe if I’m propitious eaten something.

What would we tell a immature lady who wants your pursuit someday?

Be aggressive, work hard, and don’t take no for an answer!

Women shouldn’t blink a value of _________

Confidence. If we trust in yourself others will trust in you. Don’t be fearful to pronounce your opinion and go after what we wish

What was a initial thing we splurged on after creation it big?

When we worked in financial we was bonused a automobile allowance, so we chose a 7 array BMW. To be honest I’m not a automobile chairman and it wasn’t all that great! we was 22 and we always got a stank eye from people like “why are we pushing your dad’s car.” It was fun though not what we would select now!
I like to splurge on experiences, travel, outlandish food, and we can’t contend no to a good massage!

If we weren’t in this career, what would we be doing?

This is my dream job! we can’t consider of anything else I’d rather be doing!

When was a final time we were “reminded” you’re a lady in a business world?

When we was during an attention networking eventuality and we met a CEO of an attention personality and a aspirant to He had pronounced he had been conference good things about a association and was seeking a bit about what we were adult to. He afterwards asked me, “so what do we do there.” we answered I’m a owner and CEO, a demeanour on his face, jaw forsaken to a building in sum startle and dismay. After all, how could a 27-year-old WOMAN be doing a large child job. we laughed it off though felt a bake a bit. It only inspires me to pull harder and flog a*s!

What’s a best recommendation anyone’s ever given you?

Keep your eye on a prize! There is an strenuous volume of sound that will approximate we in chasing your dream. It is essential to have an invariable concentration on a finish goal, assign forward, don’t demeanour behind or to a sides only keep going.

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