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President Ali Saleh: A Yemenie War Criminal in Obama’s Court

“Liberty, Oh Liberty, what crimes are committed in thy name.”

yemem1 229x300 President Ali Saleh: A Yemenie War Criminal in Obama’s CourtYemen‘s President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Much like Gandhi’s Salt Mar in India in 1930 a “March of Life” in Yemen began in a besieged inebriated southern city of Taiz with tens of thousands of men, women, and children, walking for 5 days to a northern capitol city of Sana to criticism a bootleg shield given a blood and income parched tyrant, President Ali Abdullah Saleh by a U.S. – Saudi Plan.

The devise calls for a send of energy from Saleh to his clamp boss while he stays in energy for 3 months. Yemen’s race wholeheartedly rejects this obliging plan. Saleh is a ongoing liar who has never lived adult to any guarantee or agreement he’s ever done or signed, many life all of Israel’s primary ministers.

Upon nearing in Sana a pacific Mar of Life became a “March of Death”, when a tired protesters were met by a ruthless Republican Guard led by Saleh’s son, who non-stop glow on a protesters murdering during slightest 13 and wounding scores of civilians.

In gripping with America’s blind support of Arab dictators, a Jewish American Ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Felerstein, hold a press discussion during a U.S. Embassy (even before to a attainment of a Mar to a capitol Sana) arrogantly and obnoxiously warning that this Mar “is directed to means disharmony and violence…it seems to have a goal not to lift out a pacific march…and will incite a aroused response by a confidence forces”

These intolerable remarks warranted a Ambassador and a U.S. a ridicule and loathing of a Yemenie race who’ve always famous that Saleh is an American mole and puppet.

Like Saleh, President Obama, a Sultan of Drone massacres in a Arab and Muslim world. has tricked his each guarantee as good as carrying fragment a American Constitution, a Bill of Rights, and a polite liberties of a American people. He has shown a universe that he is a boneless personality who if opposite immediately caves in. A male apparently pang from an wickedness formidable to those in energy either in Corporate America, Congress, a impassioned right wing of a Republican Party, special interests, a media; and many generally to Israel that slapped him behind into kosher conformity and submissiveness some-more so than any before American President.

As a coddler of ruthless Arab tyrants he’s been late and conflicted to act courageously and forcefully to support a Arab Spring that seeks leisure from restraint and giveaway approved governments.

In an irregular slap to American interests in Yemen, Obama has stupidly invited Saleh to come to a U.S. underneath a disguise of medical treatment; creation a U.S. a state that harbors terrorists branch a Bush Doctrine of aggressive States that bay terrorists on a head.

What on earth would prompt Obama to bay and mollycoddle this militant and concede him entrance into a United States?

The answer my crony is a purported “war on terror” that has fit America’s wars and sum support of dictators. As prolonged as these tyrants purportedly are fighting a genuine or illusory anti-American “terror” group, they are giveaway to destroy their people while gripping their order and stolen treasures underneath American protection.

If we kill “them”, we are a U.S. ally, thereby entitled to billions of taxation dollars, weapons, general protection, and be hailed as a leisure fighter.

To America, Saleh’s value lies in his purported quarrel opposite “Al Qaeda.”.

Hilary Clinton became a initial U.S. Secretary of State to revisit Yemen in early Jan 2011, usually dual weeks before to a uprising. She summarized a reason behind America’s support for Saleh a murderer.

“We face a common hazard acted by a terrorists and al-Qaeda… we wish to be straightforward about a fact that there are terrorists handling from Yemen’s domain today…stopping these threats would be a priority for any nation, and it is a priority for us.”

Hence, a lives of billions of civilians on this universe are simply material repairs to western imperialistic lust and fervour for healthy resources found underneath a feet of a dim people, no some-more so than a oil underneath Arab feet.

America thinks with a guns; not a mind, and positively not a heart.

Obama should keep some respect and grace for himself and his republic by refusing to concede Yemen’s terrorist, President Ali Abdullah Saleh, to enter this nation.

Rather he should impute him to a International Criminal Court for charge of his fight crimes. But that would meant America truly believes in a sanctification of life, tellurian rights, and justice; virtues belied by a obsession to fight and oil.

American can ill means to remove a Arab and Muslim universe due to a blind adoption of Israel’s policies of consistent fight and racial clarification of a Palestinians as good as a support of Arab dictators.

Past and destiny American Presidents in their wonderful brief tenure unfamiliar process in a Arab/Muslim universe will make a anticipation of a “Clash of Civilizations” a reality; and such a dispute can usually lead to a passing of a American-Israeli-European majestic hegemony.

President Obama, for a consequence of your legacy, America’s inhabitant interests, American values of leisure and justice, we contingency reject Saleh’s entrance into this country. He deserves jail not a apartment in a New York City Hotel.


Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim innate in a Middle East. He is domestic romantic who frequently writes on a predicament of Palestinians vital underneath a heartless function of Israel, U.S. Foreign Policy, Islam, and Arab politics.

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pixel President Ali Saleh: A Yemenie War Criminal in Obama’s Court

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