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Are You Doomed to Be a Never-Retiree?


never retire 240cs122411 Are You Doomed to Be a Never Retiree?Do you really want to work until the day you die? Like it or not, an alarming number of workers think they’ll have to — and that number is rising.

A recently released study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute reveals a major trend toward working longer before retirement. According to its latest figures, more than a quarter of all workers who are at least 50 years old expect to retire at age 70 or later, with 5% who expect that they’ll have to work until they’re 80. Those figures are all up significantly from 2006.

But even worse, one in six Americans think that they’ll never be able to retire.

Although that figure is down from the depths of the recession, it’s still a sobering reflection of just how ill-prepared most workers are for figuring out their finances during their golden years.

It’s Not a Choice — It’s Reality

For most workers, the decision to keep working isn’t much of a decision. It just reflects financial reality.

Over the past 30 years, many retiree-wannabes have seen the legs cut out from under their plans to retire. .

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