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Many people say that government is necessary because some men cannot be trusted to look after themselves, but anarchists say that government is harmful because no men can be trusted to look after anyone else.”
— Nicolas Walter
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Risk of radioactive uranium pollution on indigenous Americans' land …

Risk of radioactive uranium pollution on indigenous Americans’ land and water

 Risk of radioactive uranium pollution on indigenous Americans' land ...Uranium Mining Could Leave Toxic Waste in Occoquan Watershed LakeRidge-Occoquan Patch. 31 Dec 11 The Fairfax County Water Authority assesses the risks of uranium mining in Virginia.Lifting Virginia’s ban on uranium mining could open the door to toxic and radioactive waste in the Potomac and Occoquan Watersheds, according to a recent study by the Fairfax County Water Authority.

Though mineral mining occurs throughout the U.S. near water supplies, the study said, “Uranium mining and milling represent unique risks that require additional process controls to prevent impacts from toxic and radioactive byproducts.”…. ”uranium mining and milling activities initiated in the Potomac and/or Occoquan watersheds have the potential to increase the risk of negative impacts to Fairfax Water’s source water quality and water supply reliability.”

The Washington Post reported that the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering also found that “steep hurdles” would need to be crossed before the ban should be lifted.

“A study commissioned by the Danville Regional Foundation also came out this month,” the Post article read. “It concluded that uranium mining could have economic benefits but also environmental risks.”

December 31, 2011

Posted by Christina MacPherson |
indigenous issues, Uranium, USA

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