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Risk of hot uranium wickedness on inland Americans' land …

Risk of hot uranium wickedness on inland Americans’ land and water

 Risk of radioactive uranium pollution on indigenous Americans' land ...Uranium Mining Could Leave Toxic Waste in Occoquan Watershed LakeRidge-Occoquan Patch. 31 Dec 11 The Fairfax County Water Authority assesses a risks of uranium mining in Virginia.Lifting Virginia’s anathema on uranium mining could open a doorway to toxic and hot rubbish in a Potomac and Occoquan Watersheds, according to a recent study by a Fairfax County Water Authority.

Though vegetable mining occurs via a U.S. nearby H2O supplies, a investigate said, “Uranium mining and logging paint singular risks that need additional routine controls to forestall impacts from toxic and hot byproducts.”…. ”uranium mining and logging activities instituted in a Potomac and/or Occoquan watersheds have a intensity to boost a risk of disastrous impacts to Fairfax Water’s source H2O peculiarity and H2O supply reliability.”

The Washington Post reported that a National Academy of Sciences and a National Academy of Engineering also found that “steep hurdles” would need to be crossed before a anathema should be lifted.

“A study consecrated by a Danville Regional Foundation also came out this month,” a Post essay read. “It resolved that uranium mining could have mercantile advantages though also environmental risks.”

December 31, 2011

Posted by Christina MacPherson |
indigenous issues, Uranium, USA

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