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Will NH Pick a Orwellocon?


by Scott Lazarowitz:
Who Love a Government But Hate America

lg share en Will NH Pick the Orwellocon?


~ An updated
chronicle of a Ministry of Truth’s aphorism from George Orwell’s 1984

The media pundits
and a speak radio hosts and their callers have been tortuous over
retrograde to tag Willard Mitt Romney a “conservative.”
They have been desperately perplexing to fit their ideal of a conservative
into Romney like wise a square into a nonplus that will never fit
– not though a span of scissors, that is. It is truly Orwellian,
this thing with job a far-left revolutionary a “conservative.”
They competence as good call Barack Obama a “conservative.”

In addition
to that, many people are perplexing to find a Republican who is “electable,”
someone who can kick Obama in a November, 2012 election. But if
Romney does turn a Republican hopeful and afterwards wins a election,
afterwards what? Given that he is bought and paid for by
Wall Street
, do we unequivocally trust that Romney will do anything
to repair a underlying causes of a stream mercantile depression
(central banking, a Fed, a collusions between Wall Street and
a U.S. government, a government’s expansionist sovereignty abroad
and necessity spending and ever-increasing debt)? Given what a tax-raiser
he was as governor, do we unequivocally trust Romney will not be exactly
like George H.W. Bush and Bush Jr. in caving like a jellyfish to
a Capitol Hill large spenders?

As governor
of Taxachusetts, Romney raised
corporate taxes, and he also lifted hundreds of millions of dollars
in aloft fees, on guns, marriages, skill transfers, we name
it. And “Massachusetts conservative” Willard Romney, who
went on record in 2002 opposing
removing absolved of a state income tax, dramatically increased
a state budget, according
to Center for Small Government President Carla Howell. Any income
tax, either it be federal, state or city, is so dreadfully invasive
of skill rights, remoteness and contracts, and so violating of freedom,
who in his right mind could presumably oppose removing absolved of

And many people
have been observant that they support Romney given of his business
experience. He had a lot of knowledge during his Bain Capital firm
pushing some companies out
of business
and getting
from a early investments and taxation deductions in a process.
But how most of his work in a private zone was spent providing
something of tangible value to others? To me, given his record with
Bain, it is as yet they were perplexing to act like government bureaucrats,
many of whom now in Washington carrying also gotten abounding off
a backs of operative category Americans.

Given a way
he treated several businesspeople during his time with Bain, one
wonders usually how – in a political universe – he will deal
with dissenting Americans, generally those of a Tea
transformation and a Occupy transformation who are intensely critical
of a sovereign government. How will Romney hoop a serve expanded
powers of a presidency if he is given a new powers of indefinite
apprehension of anyone he chooses, though due process?

Speaking of
security issues, Romney is also reluctant to conflict slicing “defense”
spending. In fact, he wants to increase spending on a already
magisterial military-security-industrial-complex. Romney supports the
Big Government unfamiliar interventionism of a troops executive planners
in Washington, and wants to expand a intrusions and aggressions

While some
people in New Hampshire competence remonstrate with me on this, loyal conservatives
conflict any bureaucratic interventionism, unfamiliar or domestic.
Unfortunately, so many people have been taken in by a government
propagandists who have been insisting that a wars and expanded
troops bureaucracy of a past 10 years had been necessary, and
some still trust it notwithstanding a wars’ complete failures, destruction,
counter-productiveness, rubbish of lives and bankrupting costs.

Many people
do not wish to trust that terrorism of a 1990s and 2000s were
approach formula of a aggressions committed abroad by a U.S.
government generally given 1990 and generally in Iraq. Some people
usually don’t like to hear existence told to them, that is because Ron Paul
got booed during those debates. But generally, a events of terrorism
blowback were formula of executive planning.

This central
formulation by a government interventionists is not conservative,
nor is it liberal. It is statist. (See Jacob Hornberger on libertarianism
contra statism
.) The statists trust in regulating a monopolistic,
armed energy of a centralized sovereign government not usually to interfere
with a lives of their possess people domestically, though with a lives
of foreigners. Willard Mitt Romney aligns himself with these Bush-Cheney-Feith-Wolfowitz
executive planners of unfamiliar interventionist statism and all its

Some of Americans’
support for such unfamiliar interventionism and executive formulation comes
from this thought of American exceptionalism, that Romney has
regularly settled should be renewed and projected opposite a globe.
Whether people wish to acknowledge it or not, American exceptionalism
means that a government should have a energy to land into
and meddle with a inner affairs of unfamiliar peoples – and
militarily no reduction – though foreigners shouldn’t have a right
to place their government apparatus and troops bases on
our lands. This truth contradicts a Christian principle
of “Do unto others what one would wish others to do unto you,”
and “Don’t do unto others what one would not
wish others to do unto you.” Such a Christian truth is
accurately that of Ron Paul, positively not of Willard Romney.

My possess personal
opinion is that, given Romney’s past insincerities and flip-flopping,
we don’t quite trust his frankness in a inhabitant security
debate. He seems to be pandering to a public’s post-9/11 fears,
and to a fear-mongering of a neoconservatives. And, usually as
Romney will substantially have a tough time observant “no” to his
Wall Street benefactors, so too will it be tough for him to contend “no”
to a defense
, a merchants of death.

In a nutshell,
Romney is no conservative, nor is he a “liberal.” Romney
is a politician. In fact, he is a summary of “weathervane
politician.” He would fit right in as a impression in Orwell’s
novel, 1984 (and a very scary one during that).

we need someone who can kick Obama in November. We can’t afford
to take a possibility of Obama removing reelected,” people cry.
Yeah, and once your “electable” Willard Romney were to
take a promise of bureau in January, 2013, he will continue a socialism,
a environmentalist voodooism and a warmongering, as good as
a Fed’s inflationary income printing, and expostulate America completely
into a belligerent like he did those businesses from his Bain Capital
steering wheel.

There actually
is a conservative, however, who believes that a government should
usually do what a Constitution says, and who indeed will reduce
a size, energy and intrusiveness of a sovereign government, and
revive a insurance of a healthy rights and polite liberties.
Most readers here know who that

The people
of New Hampshire will make a choice this week. The choice is between
stability a socialism, corporate-government cronyism and central
formulation that are destroying America from within and will leave
us to hurt – or reason, common sense, and a replacement of the
order of law and freedom. Let’s wish they select a latter.

Jan 9, 2012

Lazarowitz [send him
] is a commentator and cartoonist, revisit his

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partial is gladly granted, supposing full credit is given.

Best of Scott Lazarowitz

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