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Chief Air Force Rabbi Resigning

Rabbi Moshe Ravad asked commander Ido Nechushtan of a Air Force, Tuesday to finish his term as arch rabbi of a Air Force. The lieutenant colonel will stay in a Israel Defense Forces (IDF) until retirement but will not have a command function due to his lack of confidence in a system, against the credentials of a IDF‘s attempt to harm religious and hareidi soldiers.

Rabbi Ravad quiescent from a Shachar Kachol program for hareidi-religious soldiers final week since he felt that a IDF was perplexing to force hareidim to offer alongside women, notwithstanding earnest them it would honour their eremite beliefs and concede them to offer in male-only environments. Major General Nechushtan deserted a recommendation by Chief IDF Rabbi Rafi Peretz that Nechushtan glow Rabbi Ravad, adding that he was doing his pursuit well. Rabbi Ravad deserted Peretz’s explain that Ravad was spiteful hareidi recruitment, tackling that a troops investiture and a troops rabbinate was during fault.

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