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… I‘ve been talking to Vicente Fox, the new president of Mexico… I know him… to have gas and oil sent to U.S… .  so we’ll not depend on foreign oil…”
— George W. Bush (1946– )
 on the first Presidential debate, 10/03/2000

Move Into Gold!

by Richard Russell

by Richard Russell: The
New America

lg share en Move Into Gold!

For a decade I have been urging my subscribers to move into gold
– either physical bullion or other wise. Now I am at it again
PLEASE MOVE INTO GOLD. Those who think gold has lapsed into a bear
market simply do not know what they are talking about. Gold has
simply been correcting in an on-going bull market.

This is a time when almost every central bank in the world is grinding
out paper currency, grinding it out by the car-load. This is a time
when people are searching for safety. People are frightened and
confused. Where is the land of safety?

There is only one safe asset on the planet: that safe asset
is gold
. Uninformed people believe gold is just a commodity.
Wrong, gold is absolute money. Gold alone is the world’s only completely
safe currency. Gold has no counter-party against it, and no central
bank has ever found a way to create gold.

The fact is that gold can only be produced by the sweat ingenuity
and capitalization of men.

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13, 2012

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