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Sign of a Crimes: Detroit Cops Ban Cars From Parking in High-Crime Areas

No parking  Sign of the Crimes: Detroit Cops Ban Cars From Parking in High Crime Areas(Image:

In an bid to cut down on automobile break-ins, Detroit police are commencement to excellent automobile owners who confirm to park in areas that have been designated as receptive to larceny.

The Associated Press (via a Detroit Free Press) reports that street parking in certain areas will be taboo and violations enforced. But Jeff Wattrick, a author for, doesn’t utterly see how this is fair.

He writes:

You don’t retaliate victims or intensity victims for crime. Penalizing congregation of downtown businesses since someone else competence mangle into their cars is both implicitly unfriendly and counter-productive to a idea of a vibrant, revitalized downtown.


This process is zero brief of an annoying acknowledgment of futility by an positively untimely police department. Rather than seeking a constructive resolution to a problem afflicting an increasingly colourful business district, Detroit officials inaugurated to retaliate law-abiding adults and entrepreneurs creation a go of it in Detroit.

Wattrick records that some people have already been stating cases of “mass towings” and even yet a cost will be refunded calls it “obnoxious.”

Police, according to AP, are enlivening automobile owners to park in well-lit areas and that a internal parking lot is shortening a rates for those meddlesome in safer parking.

According to Autoblog, it is not famous how prolonged enforcement of travel parking restrictions in certain areas will sojourn in effect. The blog records that with a 2012 Detroit Auto Show underway bringing in some-more cars to a area, police could be enacting these restrictions to quell thefts during this time. The author of a blog post states that dual of his friends had their cars damaged into in Detroit final week before a limitation went into outcome in a area police will be targeting.

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