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In the process of connecting everything to everything, computers elevate the power of the small player.  Instead of enforcing uniformity, they promote heterogeneity and autonomy.  Instead of sucking the soul from human bodies, turning computer-users into an army of dull clones, networked computers by reflecting the networked nature of our own brains and bodies encourage the humanism of their users.  Because they have taken on the flexibility, adaptability, and self-connecting governance of organic systems, we become more human, not less so, when we use them.  Kevin Kelly”

Trend Alert: Aprons Are Back In Style

Fashion Trend Alert: Aprons Are Back In Style
11:31 am, January 16th | by Hillary Reinsberg

Picture 91 Trend Alert: Aprons Are Back In StyleWe like to be amused by a good old “XYZ is back in fashion” trend story. But aprons — really? Those old-fashioned cooking smocks? “Aprons really are coming back.”

The Montreal Gazette assures that this is really the case — that aprons are seeing a “renewed interest,” with decorative versions suddenly popping up after years of being an obscure item.

Were they ever really out of style?

I’m not quite convinced that aprons are having some kind of outrageous resurgence — I don’t want to argue that aprons are the new skinny jean. But if there was some stigma towards wearing an apron, I agree it’s probably dissolved into the ether by now, making it fine and well to wear an apron in the kitchen. Sure, why not? In fact, it seems practical. I’m surprised to even hear it portrayed as oppressive. So there you have it! No one, including me, thinks of the apron as some mid-century female torture tool.

aprons | montreal gazette

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