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 Conquest of Happiness (1930) Ch. 9

Council fined for information breaches

Midlothian Council has been fined £140,000 for promulgation supportive personal information about children and their carers to a wrong people.

It is a initial Scottish organization to be served with such a chastisement by a Information Commissioner’s Office.

The internal management done errors in promulgation out information on 5 occasions.

In one case, personal papers about a child and a mom were review by a lady and not her former partner who they were dictated for.

The lady done a censure to her amicable worker.

Another occurrence concerned papers relating to a standing of a encourage carer.

They were sent to 7 medical professionals, nothing of whom had any reason to see a information.

‘Serious upset’

The breaches happened between Jan and Jun final year.

The Information Commissioner’s Office pronounced a review found that all 5 breaches could have been avoided if a legislature had put adequate information insurance policies, training and checks in place.

Assistant commissioner for Scotland, Ken Macdonald, said: “Information about children’s care, as good as sum about their health and wellbeing, is some of a many supportive information a internal management holds.

“It is of critical significance that this information is stable and that strong policies are followed before it is disclosed.

“The critical dissapoint that these breaches would have caused to a children’s families is apparent and it is intensely concerning that this happened 5 times in as many months.”

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