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BLOOMBERG ON GOLDMAN SACHS: ‘God Couldn’t Lead It Without Being Criticised’ (GS)

mayor bloomberg BLOOMBERG ON GOLDMAN SACHS: God Couldnt Lead It Without Being Criticised (GS)

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Earlier today, we learned that Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor of New York City, paid a visit to the folks over at Goldman Sachs.

The Financial Times‘ Tom Braithwaite, Tracy Alloway and Helen Thomas called up the mayor and they got this quote from him regarding CEO Lloyd Blankfein:

“He’s trying to lead this firm at a time when God couldn’t lead it without being criticised,” the billionaire mayor, who started his own career as an investment banker, told the Financial Times.

Since 2009, Blankfein has taken a lot of heat for telling the UK’s Sunday Times “I’m doing God’s work.”

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