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STUDY: These Pantry Items Are Most Likely To Be Total Frauds

canned food pantry cans tuna soup tomato STUDY: These Pantry Items Are Most Likely To Be Total Frauds

Avvital Pinnick

New research from the Journal of Food Science points to seven common consumer products that are most likely to have been adulterated (via/The Daily Meal).

Olive oil topped the list (no surprise there) and was closely followed by milk, honey, saffron, orange juice, coffee, and apple juice. 

In the study, researchers poured over more than 1,000 scholarly records from 1980 to 2010, picking out all instances of fraud. Olive oil alone made up 16 percent of complaints.

All their findings have been used to create an online database at

Here are a few examples of fraud researchers found: 

-Toxic melamine has been used in pet food and infant formula to mimic protein as early as 1979 but wasn’t discovered until 2007.

-Glycerin (a sweet, clear, colorless liquid) has been added to wines and pharmaceuticals. 

-Partially substituting olive oil with hazelnut oil 

-Using “toxic Japanese star anise” for Chinese star anise (a common spice used in foods)

Want to keep fake olive oil out of your pantry?

Check out the whole story on fraud in the olive oil industry

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