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AP Photos: NYC’s tallest buildings by history

NEW YORK (AP) — When it comes to New York’s skyscrapers, who’s aristocrat of a mountain and tip of a heap?

For now, it’s a Empire State Building.

But all that changes Monday, when One World Trade Center — being built to reinstate a twin towers broken on 9/11 — gets steel columns to make a unprepared horizon a small aloft than a Empire State’s 1,250-foot regard deck.

Of course, if we count a Empire State’s needle-like antenna, it’s indeed 1,454 feet, though many purists don’t embody such add-ons.

Here’s a list of New York’s tallest skyscrapers by a years:

1909-13: Metropolitan Life Tower

1913-30: Woolworth Building

1930: Bank of Manhattan Trust Building (now called a Trump Building)

1930-31: Chrysler Building

1931-1972: Empire State Building

1972-2001: One World Trade Center

2001-present: Empire State Building

Source: AP

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