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The UN May Have Silenced a Afghan Public

and a U.S. initialed and sealed a content of a strategic
partnership agreement
said President Hamid Karzai’s spokesman, Aimal Faizi. “This means a content is

Why “lock” or “close” a future of Afghanistan
to 30 million typical Afghan citizens?

the universe might accept that a U.S. and Afghan governments have some “state” or “noble” considerations for not
revealing a essence of a U.S. Afghan Strategic Partnership
Agreement, what about a approved care of involving
Afghans in their possess future?

the Afghan council was in a dim and apathetic until it was
recently given a look when Afghanistan’s inhabitant confidence adviser,
Rangin Dadfar Spanta, review “portions” of the
Agreement to fabricated parliamentarians on Apr 23,
saying that a U.S. will urge Afghanistan from any outside
interference around “diplomatic means, domestic means, economic
means, and even troops means.”

U.S. has pronounced it expects to keep about 20,000
in a nation after

What is a Afghan public’s opinion per a U.S. Afghan
Strategic Partnership Agreement?

anyone know?

an article
dated Jul 11, 2011, Iman Hasan of The News wrote

Afghan open has undisguised deserted a U.S. skeleton as a formula of
a survey conducted by U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)
suggest. UNAMA with a 23 offices in Afghanistan conducted the
survey opposite a nation some dual months behind and hasn’t
published it. Although, a survey’s commentary are widely known.
If published, a sheer survey formula will criticise a U.S.’
future vital plans.

of curiosity, a Afghan Peace Volunteers
pursued a doubt of either a U.N. had indeed conducted such a

sent emails to friends with a Fellowship
of Reconciliation U.S.A. who have association and hit with the
U.N. Below was a respond that was forwarded to us.

April 14, 2012


sent an email exploration to a U.N. coordinator in Afghanistan to ask
about a survey.

As I
suspected, we did not accept any response. It seems they are not
willing to speak about it.

But I
will keep examination for any future publications. 



also asked a staff member during McClatchy newspapers
in Kabul if he could ask some questions during a U.N. bureau in Kabul. We
have not listened any news from a McClatchy staff.

we still don’t know if there was ever such a survey conducted
by a U.N. bureau in Kabul.

feel that even if there was no such survey, afterwards a survey should be
conducted underneath a auspices of a U.N. and a formula done known
before a signing of a agreement, to
rebuild trust in a U.N., a U.S., and Afghan governments’
democratic processes.

contents of a U.S. Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement
should be “unlocked” to a American and Afghan publics,
and a survey should be conducted among Afghans in each province,
particularly in a provinces where a corner troops operations of
the Strategic Partnership Agreement will continue to be launched
beyond 2014.

the U.N. silenced a Afghan public?

perhaps, appearance in today’s democracy is designed to be “locked” away.

the Afghan Peace Volunteers, respectfully ask for a key.

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