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Ron Paul, Still Running for President, Wins Minnesota

Just like he told you, Ron Paul is stability to shelve up
delegates and undisguised state wins in his stability competition for the
Republican Party presidential nomination. In a Minnesota state
Republican Party convention on Saturday, he came out controlling

32 of 40 delegates
from a state.

The Park Rapids Enterprise reports on how Paul, who
showed adult to speak to his people during a convention a day before
the final hopeful vote,
was received

To chants of “President Paul,” 2,000 Minnesota convention
delegates welcomed a Texas congressman and presidential

ron pauls revolution the man a 8 Ron Paul, Still Running for President, Wins Minnesota

“There are a lot of friends of autocracy in this town,” Paul

U.S. Senate claimant Kurt Bills permitted Paul and Paul endorsed
Bills. The Senate claimant pronounced he will continue to behind Paul
until he is out of a race.

Several convention observers pronounced that while Paul was well
received, they did not hear illusive Republican presidential
nominee Mitt Romney mentioned during a day-long convention.

Paul, who finished second to Rick Santorum in this year’s
precinct caucuses, told a Republicans that it is not only their
party that latches onto his ideas.

“It is much, most bigger than this,” he added, observant that
independents “and even Democrats” support his ideas.

Things have altered for Paul given 2008 as his autocracy movement

Paul’s Friday entrance was in sheer contrariety to 4 years
ago, when he was criminialized from vocalization to a Minnesota convention
in Rochester. Instead, he talked in a light sleet outward the
convention center.

Many of a 2,000 convention representatives attended a state event
for a initial time.

A Paul debate press recover
sums adult all a good news
for a debate over a weekend, in
a prolonged diversion that extends over Tampa in August:

In Minnesota, Paul organizers won a wilful 12 of 13 delegates
to a RNC during a Rivers Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud,
wrapping adult a North Star State’s two-tier nominating
contest.  Earlier this spring, Paul supporters won 20 of 24
delegates during district conventions.  In all, a Paul stay has
swept a state of Minnesota winning 32 of a state’s 40 national

In further to Paul’s material feat in Minnesota, Paul
organizers won representatives in Mitt Romney’s home state of
Michigan.  There, Paul supporters guess that they have won
eight voting slots and one non-voting hopeful and 11
alternates.  Of a 14 Congressional District voting contests
held this weekend, Paul organizers won RNC representatives in the
1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and
9th Districts, denying Detroit-born Romney a clean
sweep of his home state.  The Michigan feat occurred
despite a complicated Romney debate participation compelling a win for the
establishment collect and unreserved nominee.

At a Vermont Republican State Convention this weekend, Ron
Paul supporters won dual of 14 inhabitant delegates, with dual more
considered intensity allies, and they won 10 of 14
alternates.  In all, Vermont has 17 representatives including super

Finally in Virginia, 11 district conventions have been taking
place in new weeks and have finished this weekend.  In those
contests Ron Paul supporters won 17 of 33 inhabitant delegates
selected, with a residue of a state’s 49 representatives including
super representatives to be comparison during a June
16th state convention.  Also in Virginia, Paul
supporters inaugurated a Republican Congressional District Chair in the
Third District, over a dozen liberty-oriented Republican State
Central Committee Members 5 of whom are Ron Paul supporters,
dozens of Republican county and city
committee chairs, and hundreds of county and city
committee members.

From a Alaska Dispatch around Christian Science
, a satisfactory summation of
where a debate stands

[I]n Minnesota Saturday[,]“The Paul throng pulled off a bloodless
coup,” a St. Paul Pioneer Press reported. “Unlike other states
where brawls pennyless out between Paul fans and Romney supporters, the
Minnesota convention was a comparatively polite affair. There were no
fistfights or cheering matches on a convention floor.”

03a1102c22dffff75aa7f724a6bb7fff Ron Paul, Still Running for President, Wins Minnesota

In a nutshell, that sums adult what Rep. Paul needs to do as the
Republican Party works a approach toward a nominating convention in
August: Keep supporters of his “revolution” revved up, laying the
groundwork for what he hopes will be a distinguished purpose in Tampa,
Fla., while not entrance opposite as a domestic oaf perplexing to
undermine a candidacy of reputed front-runner Mitt Romney (with
whom, it’s been reported, he has a good personal

“The round is in a justice of a Republican Party and a court
of Mitt Romney,” Jesse Benton, inhabitant authority of Paul’s
campaign, told reporters this past week. “We’re bringing brazen an
attitude of respect, and we’re also bringing brazen some very
specific things that we trust in. If a people are treated with
respect, if a ideas, their ideas are embraced and treated
seriously and treated with respect, we consider a Republican Party
will have a really good possibility to collect adult a estimable series of our

“On a flip side,” Benton warned, “if they’re treated like they
were in 2008, a lot of people are going to stay home and a lot of
people are going to lay on their hands.”….

“Ron Paul started what his supporters call a revolution,” Maggie
Haberman and Emily Shultheis observe on “Now, that
revolution is melancholy to impetus on but him.”

Which seems to be accurately what Paul wants.

My Apr Reason cover story on “The
Ron Paul Moment
.” My essay final week on
why a GOP contingency mind
Ron Paul. My new book,
Ron Paul‘s Revolution: The Man and a Movement He

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Paul’s Revolution

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