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Prosecutors Can’t Charge Man For Having s*x With Dog Because Of Florida Law

eric antunes Prosecutors Cant Charge Man For Having Sex With Dog Because Of Florida Law

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

The Clearwater Police began questioning Eric Antunes, 29, after receiving a tip that he hexed child pornography. After acid his phone and computer, military found cinema of Antunes behaving verbal s*x on his girlfriend’s three-legged dog Ruby.

In a bizarre twist, a assign won’t be means to assign Antunes with bestiality because a Florida law does not embody verbal s*x.

It was usually final year that a Florida legislature finally upheld a law banning bestiality. 

Antunes had worked as a agreement employee at a Pinellas County Humane Society before he was arrested on May 1. 

He was due to be arraigned yesterday for 3 depends of possession, control or conscious observation of child pornography. 

According to reports, Antunes’ partner wasn’t aware that Ruby was being defiled. Authorities contend that a dog is in good health. Reports have not specified Ruby’s s*x

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