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Obama Unleashes On Medicare: Under Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan, ‘You Could Not Count On Health Care’

barack obama Obama Unleashes On Medicare: Under Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan, You Could Not Count On Health Care


WINDHAM, N.H. — President Barack Obama currently used his harshest conflict line nonetheless on and ‘s Medicare plan, warning a New Hampshire throng here that they would not be means to “count on health care” underneath a Romney-Ryan plan.

The disproportion were a sharpest conflict nonetheless in a burning debate debate here to a packaged throng of 2,300 in Windham High School’s gymnasium. Obama combined a personal warning to his common branch speech, that claims that Romney and Ryan would “end Medicare as we know it.”

“My plan has already extended a life of Medicare by scarcely a decade,” Obama said. “Their plan would put Medicare on lane to be finished as we know it.

“It would be an entirely different plan — a plan in that we could not count on health caring since it would have to be entrance out of your pocket. That’s a genuine disproportion between a skeleton on Medicare.” 

It was a day in that , newly combined to a Republican sheet as Romney’s using partner final weekend. Later in his speech, he strike a Romney-Ryan sheet on taxes, observant that Romney would compensate usually 1 percent in taxes underneath Ryan’s plan. That criticism drew a pointy reprove from a Romney campaign. 

But in a week in that a , Obama strike a Republican sheet hardest on a subject. 

:The latest thing they’ve been perplexing is to speak about Medicare,” Obama said. Now, we would consider they would equivocate articulate about Medicare, given a fact that both of them have due to voucherize a Medicare system. But we theory they figure a best invulnerability is to try to go on offense. 

“So, New Hampshire, here is what we need to know:  Since we have been in office, we have strengthened Medicare. we have done reforms that have extended a life of a program, that have saved millions of seniors with Medicare hundreds of dollars on their medication drugs.”

Meanwhile, on a Republican side, Ryan seemed during a debate stop in Florida with his mother, a 78-year-old Floridian who Ryan pronounced has been on Medicare for 10 years. Ryan charged Obama with “raiding Medicare” to “pay for Obamacare.”

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