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An Exec Tells Us 3 Ways Women Leadership Benefits A Company

 An Exec Tells Us 3 Ways Women Leadership Benefits A Company

Rebecca Rockafellar

There can be advantages in being a women leader in a male-dominated industry.

Rebecca Rockafellar, general manager of iStockphoto, thinks so.

“I was seeking some colleagues to assistance me grow what creates me opposite as a womanlike leader contra some of a masculine leaders in a organization,” Rockafellar told us.

“And one thing that a masculine co-worker called out is that we am means to benefit a trust of others by only being really visibly assured in my possess skills though boasting. So there’s some component of still certainty that I’ve engendered as a womanlike leader in a organization.”

Rockafellar assimilated Getty Images in Feb 2003 and became a comparison clamp boss of eCommerce height government 7 years later. The following year, she became a ubiquitous manager of iStockphoto.

We held adult with Rockafellar, who told us 3 vital ways her government character differs from her masculine colleagues:

1. Social Intuition

“Women have a healthy bent to both compensate courtesy to work though also observe a reactions of those around them,” she said. “I consider group have those traits too, though in ubiquitous women record divided facial expressions and physique denunciation a small bit some-more closely. And instead of only discounting that amicable premonition we consider we use what we see in a relations and exam for probable difficulty and emanate a some-more connected technology team.”

2. Empathy

As an example, Rockafellar pronounced there competence be times when we declare someone who isn’t totally on house with your idea.

“Some women leaders competence fear enchanting with that person, that it competence be a pointer of debility to uncover consolation or inspire romantic expression, though a existence is if we wish to have a healthy culture, we have to listen. And that doesn’t always meant that we have to prove agreement or let someone chuck it on, though we have to have an open doorway process that engenders a artistic sourroundings that technical businesses need to thrive.”

3. Building Consensus

“I know what we wish as a ubiquitous manager of iStockphoto or a comparison VP of eCommerce,” pronounced Rockafellar, “But we like to build accord and concentration on formula and be open to others’ ideas. we always have a clear opinion about how to get a charge done, though we find that by operative communally with my teams we can build faithfulness and work out a ardent execution and mostly hear an thought that competence not have flush if I’d been totally destined in a top-down fashion.”

The purpose of women managers in a tech courtesy has developed given Rockafellar started operative in technology in a early ’90s. “At a many during that time there would be a womanlike module manager operative with a group of all masculine developers, and there are some-more and some-more women in those technical roles over time, that we consider is great,” she said.

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