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— Norman Mailer (1923–2007)
 Esquire, June 1960

Windows 8 Peaked In Early December And Then Went Flat (MSFT)

It’s tough to make a declarative statement about Windows 8 one way or another based on this chart.

We need to see what happens after Christmas, which will be when people (hopefully for Microsoft) get a lot of new PCs and Windows 8 devices.

This chart also lacks context. Where was Windows 7 at the same period in its lifecycle?

Chitika says Apple’s newest OS update, Mountain Lion hit 3.2 percent of all OS X impressions after 48 hours. It’s sort of an apples to oranges comparison though, because Mountain Lion was a $20 upgrade, and Apple’s installed base is much smaller.

If you were to have a takeaway from the chart, though, it would be that things went flat a month after launch. That’s not a good sign. And if you roll it up with comments from big PC makers like Asus and Acer that , then there is reason for concern about Windows 8.

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