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Controversial drawing of slave having s*x with white man displayed at library

A controversial drawing about the horrors of racism and race-based violence — that includes a

depiction of an African-American slave performing oral s*x on a white man — has been put on display again at a New Jersey library, reported .

It was taken down from the walls of the Newark Public Library just a day after it was originally displayed due to complaints about the graphic image.

Artist Kara Walker, who received the MacArthur Foundation’s “genius” grant in 1997 and who often deals with themes such as race and gender, created the artwork.

“The library should be a safe harbor for controversies of all types, and those controversies can be dealt with in the context of what is known about art, about literature, democracy and freedom,” a library trustee and Rutgers professor told the news outlet.

Below the work, there is a sheet of paper where people can write down their feelings regarding the drawing.

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