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Twitter: 250,000 Users Were Hacked

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Earlier this week, hackers gained entrance to Twitter’s inner systems and stole information, compromising 250,000 accounts before a crack was stopped.

Bob Lord, a company’s manager of network security,  Friday.

Twitter is resetting passwords for a influenced users.

Twitter’s Lord did not mention a process by that hackers penetrated a system. However, he mentioned vulnerabilities associated to Java in Apple’s Safari Web browser and Mozilla’s Firefox browser, and remarkable an advisory from a U.S. Department of Homeland Security that users invalidate Java on their computers. 

There are also suggestions in Lord’s post that a hacking try was organized, and presumably related to new cyberattacks on other media institutions like a Wall Street Journal and a New York Times. Lord wrote:

This attack was not a work of amateurs, and we do not trust it was an removed incident. The enemy were intensely sophisticated, and we trust other companies and organizations have also been recently likewise attacked. For that reason we felt that it was critical to ventilate this attack while we still accumulate information, and we are assisting government and sovereign law coercion in their bid to find and prosecute these enemy to make a Internet safer for all users.

The New York Times recently reported that Chinese hackers related to state or military institutions .

We’ve asked Twitter to explain if it believes that a attack originated with hackers related to any nation’s government or military and we’ll refurbish this post if we hear back.

Twitter , an attention maestro who had formerly worked during Netscape and Red Hat, in 2010 to ascent a security. The information-broadcasting use has about 200 million users.

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