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Japan May Release Radar Data To Prove China’s Lying About Radar Incident


Within hours of Japan‘s announcement that Chinese ships had locked fire-control radar on Tokyo forces last month, Beijing denied the event occurred at all.

Friday ran China’s denial:

 … the Defense Ministry Web site said that the naval vessels’ radar had “maintained normal observational alertness, and there was no use of fire-control radar.” It did not explain what it meant by “normal observational alertness,” though the ministry added that the Japanese

claims were “out of step with the facts.”

Denny Roy, a senior fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu who researches security issues says. 

 to the allegations by saying it hadn’t heard about the engagements until word of the events appeared on international news. It has since said the event didn’t happen and is a total Japanese fabrication. Whether it’s true or not, 

Japan continues pressing the issue and yesterday announced that the use of fire-control radar against its ships is an “

So if Tokyo releases this data, then it may be the the first official skirmish between the two countries as they feud over islands in the East China Sea.

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