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TV Anchor Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Strangle His Financial Journalist Wife

WCBS in New York City anchor Rob Morrison was arrested Sunday for allegedly trying to strangle his financial journalist wife, Ashley Morrison, during a domestic dispute at their Darien home,  citing Connecticut police.  

The anchor man, who is a former Marine, also faces charges for threatening and disorderly conduct, the report said. 

Rob Morrison, who was allegedly drunk, told police

during his booking that he was going to kill his wife when he was released, the report said citing court papers.

According to the Post’s report, he also called the police “f—-g a–hole cops” and called one “Sergeant Douchebag” during the arrest at the couple’s Darien home.

His wife, Ashley, is the anchor of CBS “Money Watch.” She was previously a stocks editor at Bloomberg TV,  

Ashley had red marks on her neck, the report said.

Rob had a cut on his nose and lip from her hitting him with a remote to keep him from choking her, according to the Post. 

Rob, who is now free on bail, told reporters that he didn’t choke his wife and didn’t lay his hands on her.

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