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University In Colorado Instructs Women To Avoid Rape By Saying They Have Their Periods

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs became the subject of intense social media backlash this week after a student journalist found a ridiculous tip list for women to use to avoid being raped. 

The university billed the for women to avoid sexual assault with tips that included “tell

your attacker that you have a disease or are 

And Twitter user @debosaurus_rex tweeted “#UCCSTips I have a disease. It’s called I’M A [expletive] HUMAN “

Students were just as upset about the list. 

“Tell your attacker you have a disease or menstruating?” . “I don’t understand how that will keep someone from attacking you.”

“These tips were considered to be last resort” for people who had completed the self-defense course, Hutton said, adding that police have said people would try anything to avoid an attack

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