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Editors Spend A Staggering Amount To Attend Paris Fashion Week

Getty Images / Gareth Cattermole

Paris Fashion Week is one of a biggest events in a industry. 

Magazine and website editors come out in throngs to examination collections and brand trends. 

Lauren Sherman expelled a towering guess of how most it would cost to spend a week during a event. 

The total? $19,560. 

That’s roughly adequate to compensate an entry-level editorial employee. 

Sherman factored in a cost of staying in a tip Parisian hotel (nearly $1,000 per night), beauty treatments ($400 total), and imagination dishes ($2500 for a week). 

There’s recently been opposite Fashion Week. Many designers have begun boycotting to equivocate a cost and frenzy. 

Even celebrities who lay in a front row as they once were. 

It seems expected that before too long, cash-strapped magazines will start to contemplate either this responsibility is unequivocally value it. 

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