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Going Mobile Has To Be A Transformation, Not An Experiment

The best path for small businesses isn’t to experiment with mobile. It’s to use it to transform the way they work. 

It’s not enough to just equip a sales force with tablets; it’s about changing the whole company. Burberry decided to do this so it could aggressively target the millennial consumer, whose native language is digital and mobile, “ladies who


The company devoted to mobile, one devoted to social media, and another devoted to analytics. They work tirelessly to integrate all three from the sales floor to the back office. 

That’s exactly what small businesses need to do. Giving tablets to a sales force might make things more convenient for them. But being able to use all of the data they produce to make better business decisions boosts an entire company. In the past, the ability to get and analyze that sort of data was limited to big businesses with big IT departments. Now, those . 


The best way I can express it is it was the difference between sticking a technology in an existing process, substitution if you will, versus really transforming the process with the power of what the technology can do. And the gains were an order of magnitude different.”

mobile’s unique attributes.

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