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In these countries [of Europe]… ignorance, superstition, poverty, and oppression of body and mind, in every form, are so firmly settled on the mass of the people, that their redemption from them can never be hoped.  If the Almighty had begotten a thousand sons, instead of one, they would not have sufficed for this task.  If all the sovereigns of Europe were to set themselves to work, to emancipate the minds of their subjects from their present ignorance and prejudices, and that, as zealously as they now endeavor the contrary, a thousand years would not place them on that high ground, on which our common people are now setting out.”
— Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826) to George Wythe
 1786. ME 5:396

Consumers Are Better With Money Than They’ve Been In 18 Years

In a positive sign that consumers

are getting a handle on their personal finances again, the delinquency rate for bank cards has fallen to an 18-year low.

Delinquencies in this case refers to payments that are 30 days or more past due. 

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