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How LinkedIn Saved Its Engineers From Marathon Late-Night Coding Sessions

Robert Libetti/ Business Insider

LinkedIn is a favored company

among tech investors. It had a massive IPO, lived up to expectations afterwards, and continues to impress with the amount and variety of its revenue sources. 

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been some bumps along the way.

Bloomberg Businessweek’s

 The most successful companies are able to avoid that.

LinkedIn’s top engineers also realized despite the fact that Silicon Valley’s culture glorifies late night coding sessions and all night bug fixes, it’s not actually an efficient way to do things.

When someone has to take heroic efforts, they’re usually making up for an issue somewhere else. It’s better to fix problems early and at the root than to continue to expect the impossible.

LinkedIn engineer Jay Kreps that he misses some of the bonding from those late nights, but certainly doesn’t miss the sleep deprivation. 

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