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Investment Advisories Are Easing Up On Their Social Media Usage Restrictions

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According to a new survey, 83% of firms have adopted written policies on social media usage, up from 80% last year and up from 43% in 2010.

However, attitudes toward social media usage are actually becoming more relaxed.

“The survey suggests that firms are giving up the battle to keep social media out of their shops,” says Schoeff Jr. “Instead, 


The correlation between hedge fund returns and the SP 500 is approaching 90%, as Morgan Stanley’s Adam Parker highlights in a recent client note.

“Basically, investors are paying 2/20 to buy a closet index fund,” writes ValueWalk’s Jacob Wolinsky. “Although there is no explanation given, the rise in correlation is likely due to the macro dominated news atmosphere … This makes it an especially tough environment for value investors who have lamented in the past few years that investors have been ignoring fundamentals.”

Exchange traded funds have proliferated on Wall Street in recent years as convenient vehicles for investing in a wide range of assets and markets. However, the use of ETFs can be a headache for investors looking to avoid volatility.

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