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Life After Instagram: Opportunities In The Mobile Photo-Sharing Ecosystem

The digital camera feature

has been a major driver of mobile phone sales for a decade

Among other things, it showed that a mobile-first photo sharing service could be worth $1 billion dollars, and that the app store economy could grow a photo-focused social network at speeds so alarming that an incumbent — in this case, Facebook — would be prompted to neutralize the threat by acquiring it. 

Here’s a brief overview of the mobile photo-sharing ecosystem: 

  • Instagram is still on top: As part of its new video feature announcement this month, That’s up from 5 billion photos when the Facebook deal closed last September, suggesting a monthly average of more than 1 billion photos shared, or a daily average of more than 40 million photos.
  • But others, like Snapchat, are certainly worth watching rising: . Snapchat stands out as particularly photo-focused, and 
  • There are various different ways to monetize in the land of a thousand camera apps: 
  • Starbucks

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