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Fox News analyst: Income disparity exists ‘because poor people are gonna eat a bunch of turkey’

Fox Business host Charles Payne. Photo: Screenshot via YouTube.

Fox News business analyst Charles Payne had even his

own colleagues recoiling on Thursday when he blamed financial inequality in the U.S. on poor people celebrating Thanksgiving.

“This Thanksgiving, when you get a chance, after you eat your turkey, go to the mall,” Payne told host Alisyn Camerota, as his fellow panelists responded derisively. “You want to see why the rich get richer? Because poor people are gonna eat a bunch of turkey. Even though they’re stuffed to the gills, they’re gonna run to the mall and spend every nickel they have. I’m being honest with you.”

CNN reported in November 2012 that shoppers spent $59.1 billion over the course of the “Black Friday” weekend, a new record and a 13 percent increase from spending in 2011. Payne then brought up President Barack Obama (Soetoro)’s economic policies to expand on his point.

“The president keeps talking about an expanded middle class,” Payne continued. “And then we go after the job creators and we beat them up. It’s not working. It hasn’t worked for five decades.”

Watch Payne’s remarks, posted by MediaMatters on Thursday, below.

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