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Judge allows child from ‘Thug Circle’ video to live with young mother in foster home

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  • The two-year-old Nebraska boy shown repeating profanities in a video posted online will be allowed to live with his mother in a foster home, CNN reported on Monday.

    A judge in Douglas County Juvenile Court ruled that the unidentified child may join his 17-year-old mother, four days after they were both taken into protective custody by local police. Two other minors taken from the same residence were also placed into foster homes.

    The footage, which shows the boy repeating profanities at the urging of the person filming, was released by the Omaha Police Association as part of a video it said depicted “the Thug Cycle.” The footage was reportedly

    filmed at a home owned by his 38-year-old grandmother.

    KETV-TV identified the boy’s mother as Ennisha Devers. Devers told KETV in an interview aired last week that she did not film the original video.

    “It was a person that came in to my house and recorded it,” she said at the time. “Everybody that thinks I’m a bad mother, I’m not. I’m a good mother to my son. I teach him a lot, and he is very smart.”

    CNN reported that Devers and her son will not be allowed to return to her mother’s home. Devers’ mother, identified as Kimberly Devers, had been arrested on gun charges. But according to KETV, a local community activist, Robert Wagner, paid for her bail in order for her to attend Monday’s hearing, saying the video was the reason authorities took the children out of the house.

    “We wanted Miss Devers to walk into this courthouse on her own in street clothes, not in a jumpsuit,” Wagner said. “Not shackled, not with sheriff’s deputies because it’s going to be hard enough as it is.”

    However, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said the children were removed out of fear for their safety.

    “Some of the dangers we’ve seen previously was the history of gang involvement,” he told KETV. “There was a shooting involved. In fact, one of the children was injured from shrapnel from shots fired.”

    Watch CNN’s report on the placement of the boy and his mother, as aired on Monday, below.

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