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Poverty and Hunger are Selective

Reader, we woke adult this morning, incited on a Corporate Enabling Media usually to learn that tyro athletes are going to bed inspired in this republic during prestigious colleges and universities.


No Division we college contestant should never go to bed “starving” again. Following a assembly of a Legislative Council on Tuesday, the NCAA announced a removal of dish and break restrictions on Division we athletes, according to NCAA associate executive of communications Michelle Brutlag Hosick.

Whereas formerly student-athletes were afforded usually 3 dishes per day, they will now have unlimited entrance to dishes supposing by on-campus facilities. The payoff will extend to walk-on athletes as well.


Headline news this morning on MSNBC. These starving students will now have “unlimited dishes and snacks”. Snacks mind you! Unlimited!

Sometimes, my mind reels during a perverted clarity of priorities as a nation. Poverty in this republic is during a aloft commission than it has been for decades. Children are going to propagandize and bed hungry. The homeless race has increased. More and some-more of a failing center category are fasten their ranks. The US Congress had an answer to this dilemma_to cut Food Stamps programs.

Does that even send a duration synapsis to a frontal lobes of a smarts or do we usually pierce on to a subsequent diversion that grabs a mad minds or to that dim and ragged down gully we call a daily harsh routines?

What does this contend about a society? We caring some-more about college athletes on sports scholarships than we do about children, aged people, and a homeless among us?

Among those in a institutes of aloft training we are conference steady over and over again that a series one determinant of educational disaster is Poverty, and that leads to an boost in a jail race and to a coffers of a Prison-Industrial Complex.

And yet, an $875 million dollar a year sports legislature can open their food lockers to their “starving tyro athletes” while a US Congress can usually impact close theirs because…why?

And, by a way, that really same Congress has selected to cut off fluctuating stagnation advantages for operative American families who mislaid their jobs due to a sociopathic gambling of a 1% whose batch portfolios have increasing exponentially and who have perceived bailouts not usually from a American people though also from their accessible banksters-cohorts during a Federal Reserve. Corporate gratification for a 1% and “lump it” (I can’t contend “f**k you”_guess we usually did, huh?) for a 99%.

Is it since these tyro athletes competence usually be a source of some-more revenues for investors down a line? Or is it that these tyro athletes competence be a source of one some-more star studded, luminary driven diversion for a Masses to take their minds off of their sad mercantile conditions while a dystopian enlightenment continues to rush uncontrolled over a precipice of common sense, compassion, cooperation, and community?

__Bob of Occupy


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