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$5 Million Connecticut Mansion Completely Destroyed By Massive Fire

On Thursday night, a massive fire destroyed a $5 million mansion belonging to Lawrence Janesky, a contractor and motivational speaker and his wife, Wendy according to the New York Post. The home is located in Middlebury, Conn.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but it was difficult for fire fighters to put the blaze out because of a lack of water-mains in the area. According

to FoxCT, a dozen trucks had to carry water from the nearby town to the scene of the fire.

Both Jenesky, and Wendy made it out of the home safely. The couple bought the home which has 16 rooms and is 10,700 square feet, in 2007 for $5.37 million, according to The Post.

Here’s what the mansion looked like going down in flames:

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