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Customer Allegedly Finds Dead Rodent In Chop’t Wrap

A man allegedly found a dead rodent in a wrap he purchased from the salad chain Chop’t, Gothamist is reporting.

Someone named Steven Henderson tweeted a photo of the tainted wrap with the caption “My colleague ordered a wrap and got a rat @Chopt.” The photo shows an entire head and body of what appears to be a mouse, which is stuffed inside the wrap along with lettuce and tomatoes.

He has since deleted the tweet.

“When reached via phone, Chop’t Founder Tony Shure told us he knew about the incident and said that the store had been shut down

for the day and that staff was ‘doing a deep clean,'” Gothamist reports. 

The wrap was purchased at Chopt’s Financial District location at 80 Pine Street, according to the report.  

We were unable to reach the company for comment.

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