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The First Jobs Of Tech’s Biggest Rock Stars Before They Became Rich And Famous

screen%20shot%202014 07 07%20at%208.12.19%20pm The First Jobs Of Techs Biggest Rock Stars Before They Became Rich And Famous

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Everyone has to start somewhere. Although some of Silicon Valley’s most iconic figures are worth millions and billions today, many of them started out programming software or delivering newspapers.

When you examine the early careers of some of these CEOs and executives, you’ll notice one common characteristic.

Many of them stuck with the passion and skills they discovered in college or their first jobs, which eventually led them down a very successful path. 

In some cases, the correlation between an early job and current success may not seem as obvious.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, for example, attempted to start a business during his summer break in high school. The nature of the business was nothing like Amazon, but still shows that he had the desire to be a leader at a young age. 

Here’s a look at how some of the biggest people in tech got their start. 

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