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Bloomberg Ad Inadvertently Portrays Limits of Gun Control Agenda

With $50 million, one would think Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun cronies could afford to conduct some focus testing. Judging from the reaction to the latest fear-mongering ad from Bloomberg’s Everytown group, however, the ex-mayor and his AstroTurf activists are clueless when it comes to women and firearms.

The ad depicts a mother and child alone in a

house. A man begins pounding on the door, demanding entry. The woman calls 9-1-1 and explains that her “ex” is trying to break in and she has a restraining order against him. While the woman is still on the phone, the man bursts through the door and grabs the child. As the unarmed woman futilely attempts to stop him, he pulls a gun. The screen fades to black; a gunshot is heard.

The ad’s release coincided with a congressional hearing aimed at expanding federal firearm prohibitions pertaining to misdemeanor convictions and restraining orders. Yet the reaction by many who saw the ad makes clear that it illustrates the limitations of those measures and makes a compelling case that the only thing that could have saved the woman was a gun of her own.

Within hours of the video’s release, bloggers were extolling the pro-gun message of Everytown’s new effort. Others have edited the video to show what might have happened had the mother been armed.

This interpretation was not confined to the pro-gun community. Following a viewing of the ad on ABC’s “The View,” host Sherri Shepherd told the story of a time she was fearful of a break-in and suggested that women use firearms to defend themselves and their children. Following Shepherd’s comments, guest Juliet Huddy and host Jenny McCarthy shared experiences where they felt threatened and wished they had been armed.

Everytown’s miscalculation is symptomatic of a well-heeled organization with limited knowledge of firearms and self-defense. Fortunately, survey and sales figures indicate women concerned with personal safety are increasingly putting their faith
in the tools of self-defense, rather than empty promises from politicians and gun control advocates.

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