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iPad Air 2 Release News & Update 2014: Apple Sends Invitations to Oct. 16 …

With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus already setting the world of mobile devices sales on fire, Apple will look to continue that momentum on Oct. 16 with another special event. Invitations for the mid-Oct. event went out early on Wednesday morning.

 iPad Air 2 Release News & Update 2014: Apple Sends Invitations to Oct. 16 ...

It is expected that the newest line of iPads will be unveiled to the world at the event. It has been just under a year since the last iPad event was held, so, basically, they’re due.

This announcement for a new iPad comes at a time that rumors for the device have been running rampant. Many believe that there will be two versions of the new tablet including one with a screen that will measure at 12.9 inches–that’s up from the 9.7 inches of the current iPad Air and the 7.9 inches of the iPad Mini.

Further fueling iPad rumors were some leaked pictures that are purported to be what the new product will look like.  If the pictures are to be believed, the new iPad will be just  7mm thick, down half an inch from the iPad Air and on par with the thickness of the iPhone 6. There also appears to be the long awaited Touch ID sensor built-in to the device.

Fans and speculators have also taken to calling the new version of the iPad the iPad Pro. The name has not been confirmed by Apple, but it hints at what may be the company’s strategy going forward. After using the iPad as an all-inclusive utility device, the company may be looking to leverage that into a device that also works effectively in the professional realm.

This rumor has dovetailed into even more thoughts that Apple may be wanting to merge both its mobile and computer operating systems–namely iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite–into one new OS that runs on both computers and tablets. This is obviously a long-shot (especially given the number of times Apple has denied this as part of their longterm strategy), but the thought has intrigued enough of the press to get people talking about the possibilities.

Apple will surely be hoping to jumpstart sales and excitement for the iPad with its Oct. 16 event. It should be noted that iPad sales have waned in recent months. There are other products that will be getting a PR boost during the upcoming announcement, including what is expected to be a new Retina and 5K HD display for the iMac.

Come Thursday Oct. 16, everything will be known for sure when Apple takes the stage once again in Cupertino.

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